22/03/2021   Nomi (JPN): 45th edition of the Nomi Tournament




This morning the competitions of the 45th edition of the Nomi Tournament took place in Nomi (JPN).
In past years, this competition was also combined with the Asian Championship of 20km of road walking, which unfortunately could not be held this year due to the pandemic.
But the organizers of Nomi did not want to give up the 45th edition of this day of walking and the races, this year reserved only for athletes from Japan, took place on the classic course and on the classic distances:
- 20km men
- 20km women
- 10km U20 men reserved for High Schools
- 5km U20 dinne reserved for High Schools.
The climatic conditions were as follows:
9:00 Cloudy, Temperature 21.5, Humidity 73%, Wind 2.0m / sec
10:00 Cloudy, Temperature 22.0, Humidity 77%, Wind 2.1m
11:00 Cloudy, Temperature 15.7, Humidity 73%, Wind 7.0m
12:00 Rain, Temperature 12.2, Humidity 94%, Wind 5.1m
13:00 Rain, Temperature 11.4, Humidity 94%, Wind 1.2m
14:00 Rain, Temperature 10.9, Humidity 94%, Wind 1.2m
20km men
Interesting the race that lived up to 14km in the shoulder to shoulder fight between Eiki Takahashi (JPN) and Masatora Kawano (JPN).
The two led the 5km in 19:49 with a 7 second lead (19:56) over Yuta Koga (JPN).
Regular pace even in the second 5km passed in 39:41 (19:52), but the gap of the third becomes more consistent: Yuta Koga passes in 40:20 (20:33).
It is clear that victory will be a matter to be resolved between the first two.
The turning point takes place around 14km when Eiki Takahashi lengthens the pace and passes in 59:37 (19:56).
The opponent loses 19 seconds and passes the three quarters of the race in 59:56 (20:15)
Koga is always third in 1:01:08 (20:38)
In the last quarter of the race, the situation does not change.
Victory for Eiki Takahashi (JPN) in 1:20:19
Second place to Masatora Kawano (JPN) in 1:21:01
Third place in Yuta Koga (JPN) in 1:22:09
Sixty-three athletes at the start, 50 completed the race, 8 DNF and 5 DQ




20km women
The presence of Kaori Kawazoe (JPN) at the start tells everyone that there should be no different solution for the victory. In fact, the strong Japanese athlete boasts a respectable personal best (1:31:10 which dates back to 17.2.2019 and was established in Kobe).
Today Kaori Kawazoe sets up the race as if it were a training.
These are her split times:
- 5km: 24:27
- 10km: 48:37 (24:10)
- 15km: 1:12:58 (24:21)
In fact she is still in second position at three quarters of the race that is led by Nami Hayashi (JPN) with these split times:
- 5km: 24:09
- 10km: 47:57 (23:48)
- 15km: 1:11:53 (23:56)
Immediately after, the situation becomes difficult for the leader and she loses ground.
Victory to Kaori Kawazoe (JPN) in 1:36:54 (last 5km in 23:56)
Second place to Nami Hayashi (JPN) in 1:38:32
Third place in Minori Yabuta (JPN) in 1:39:13
Twenty-three athletes at the start, 22 completed the race and 1 DQ



10km U20 High School Men
Victory to Shihya Nakao (JPN) in 42:50 (21:05 + 21:45)
Second place to Tomohiro Nakatani (JPN) in 43:18 (21:05 + 22:13)
Third place to Yuta Murakoshi (JPN) in 43:26 (21:43 + 21:43)
Forty-three athletes arrived in the time limit of 59:00
5km U20 High School Women
Victory to Kana Hoide (JPN) in 22:51
Second place to Mei Yamagishi (JPN) in 23:19
Third place to Satsuki Ishida (JPN) in 23:44
Thirty-six athletes at the start, 34 completed the race and 1 DQ

(Photos by Akihiro Sugimoto - JPN)