23/03/2021   Columbia, South Carolina, USA: the Rams College Invitational




The second day of the Rams College Invitational took place on Saturday 23 March in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

The Rams Colleges in USA are Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges in which sports activities are also carried out.
Rams College of Colombia in South Carolina has its teams of:
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Football
- Cross Country
- Golf
- Athletics
- Volleyball
The scheduled walking races were both on the distance of 5.000m walk on an outdoor track.
5.000m track walk men
Eleven athletes at the start
Victory to Dan Nehnevaj (USA) in 21:00.01
Second place to Steven Smith (USA) in 21:23.70
Third place to Carson Johnson (USA) in 22:37.43
5.000m track walk women
Thirteen athletes at the start
Victory to Stefanie Meacham (USA) in 27:01.00
Second place went to Victoria Heiser-Whatley (USA) in 27:09.66
Third place went to Jessica Heiser-Whatley (USA) in 28:12.98