26/03/2021   London (GBR): Callum Wilkinson wins in 1:22:47




This morning the Müller British Athletics Marathon and 20km Walk Trials were held at the Royal Bothanic Garden, Kew in London, valid as selection for the Olympic Games.
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, better known as Kew Gardens, is an extensive greenhouse and garden complex located between Richmond upon Thames and Kew approximately 10k southwest of London. The competitions were held early to avoid public entry.
20km men
Eight athletes at the start.
The race is practically lived on Callum Wilkinson (GBR) attempt to get the entry standard for the Olympic games.
After a small connecting track, the test took place in a beautiful park, with the only drawback that perhaps there were too many curves.
The athletes had to complete 12 laps of the course plus one feeder (at the beginning of the race).
The following three international judges were present to guarantee the international standard of the competition: Noel Carmody (GBR, Hans Van del Knaap (NED) and Jean Pierre Dahm (FRA).

Callum Wilkinson (GBR) immediately goes in th head and wins the race in 1:22:47, unfortunately without obtaining the minimum participation for Tokyo set at 1:21:00.
His split times are as follows:
- connection: 0:00:22
- 1st lap: 07:11 (6:49)

- 2nd lap: 13:49 (6:37)

- 3rd lap: 20:31 (6:42)

- 4th lap: 27:15 (6:43)

- 5th lap: 34:03 (6:48)

- 6th lap: 40:54 (6:50)

- 7th lap: 47:46 (6:52)

- 8th lap: 54:46 (6:59)

- 9th lap: 1:01:43 (6:57)

- 10th lap: 1:08:45 (7:01)

- 11th lap: 1:15:45 (7:00)

- 12th lap: 1:22.47 (7:02)


Tom Bosworth, who returns to racing after a difficult year due to injurieshas no idea of ​​following this pace and lets himself slip away gradually losing ground. On lap 6 his partial is 42:31 and his gap is 1:37. He will increase again until the finish when he stops the clock in 1:26:26
Third place went to Guy Tohomas in 1:30:19 which precedes Daniel King (1:30:29).
Dominic King was disqualified shortly after mid-race when he was in fifth position


20km women
Immediately it leads the Gemma Bridge (GBR) group with these split times:
- connection: 0:00:25
- 1st round: 08:01 (7:36)
- 2nd round: 15:41 (7:39)
- 3rd lap: 23:20 (7:39)
- 4th lap: 30:55 (7:34)
- 5th lap: 38:22 (7:27)
- 6th lap: 46:04 (7:41)
At this point while she is still leading 6 seconds over Heater Lewis (GBR) she is stopped by the jury and disqualified.
Herater Lewis then takes the lead and will no longer be joined by any other athlete
Victory for Heater Lewis (GBR) in 1:35:44
Second place to Bethan Davies (GBR) in 1:37:04
Third place to Erika Kelly in 1:46:31