31/03/2021   Some news starting from April 1, 2021




When for the third consecutive year you realize that your information work has changed audience, then it is time to ask yourself:
"We have done something wrong" or "We have to make some strategic changes, because it is not possible to inform everyone of everything".
Well, we asked ourselves this question in recent days when we analyzed, as we often do, the trend and behavior of the users to whom our website is addressed.
In the first quarter of 2019, the Italian users who interacted with the site were 1,627 out of 5,962 total: 26.09%.
Followed by: USA (9.80%), Australia (7.10%), Great Britain (5.50%), Spain (4.39%) and Mexico (4.15%)



In the same period of 2020, the Italian users who interacted with the site were 1,560 out of an audience of 8,308 total: 18.14%.
The USA (23.9%) had become the first country of interest behind which followed: Japan (5.14%), Australia (4.62%), Great Britain (4.49%), Ukraine (4, 12%) and Spain (3.40%)

This year we are witnessing a recovery of Italian users (2,036 out of an audience of 8,746 total): 22.57%
The USA (23.71%) consolidated as the most affected country and is followed by Japan (4.89%), Mexico (4.41%), Great Britain (4.35%) and Australia (4.10%)
If, on the other hand, we pause to examine the access sessions to the site and above all the relationship between pages read/access sessions, we see that this is instead unbalanced in favor of Italian users.

We asked ourselves the question: "what to do to entice international users to read more?"
Already today the main reading language of the site has become English with 75.54% of the pages/sessions read, while Italian is slightly decreasing over the years.
This is a direct consequence of the choice to inform international users even of the minor competitions that we are doing in particular from this year.
As you can understand the work of collecting the results, checking them, obtaining the appropriate photographs relating to each individual competitions takes up a lot of space, even in a period in which the pandemic has kept us in lockdown: we have looked at almost all the possible competitions broadcast in streaming in recent months. A no small job for which we must and want to thank our friends who inform us with diligence and constancy.
We do not want to mention names because we will unequivocally commit some oversight, but whoever helped us, and continues to help us know that we think of them.
So in order to continue to privilege the international session and not be isolated in our small micro-cosmos of Italy, we decided to try to limit the news from the Italian area.
From next April 1st we will only provide the results (in the relative section) of the competitions/meetings taking place in Italy.
We will limit the news to the most important ones such as the National Championships of category.
This is because there are many Italian sites on the net aimed at this purpose, and our readers will have no difficulty in finding news if it is of interest to them.
It is a choice, and at the moment it is temporary, and like all choices you will find someone to agree and someone to disagree.
We want to try, also to allow ourselves a little more breathing room.
We hope you will understand and justify us.