28/03/2021   Bogota (COL): National Walking Championship of Colombia





Yesterday, Saturday 27 March, the 2021 edition of the Colombia National Walking Championship took place in Colombia, at the "Parque Recreo-deportivo el Salitre", with the support of the Colombian Athletics Federation, of the Bogotá Athletics League, the Colombian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport. 
A day in which the talents of the Colombian present and future battled each other. Unfortunately, the gtopo walkers, who had competed last week in Dudince, were not present.
Despite the weather conditions in the Capital, the performance of the athletes was not overshadowed. From the minor to the major categories, an indescribable show that also saw the presence of Diego Pinzón and Jorge Ruiz already classified for the Olympic Games, who, although not participating, accompanied their colleagues.
35km men
Four athletes at the start.
Victory for Bryan Alejandro Lugo Quimntero (COL) belonging to the Armed Forces who in his first 35km of his sporting career stopped the clock in 3:07:57
Second place to Rodrigo Moreno Munar (COL) in 3:21:29
Third place, to complete the podium, Freddy Sebastian Rodríguez Avila (COL) in 3:48:18.
Only these three athletes finished the race. One athlete was disqualified.


20km men
A training session this 20km was for Iván Gabriel Garrido Triana (COL) also belonging to the Armed Forces.
The athlete boasts an interesting personal best of 1:21:35 obtained at the World Team Championship in Rome on 7.5.2016 in the only competition he managed to complete that season (he was disqualified in order to Dudince, SVK, Guayaquil, ECU and La Coruna, ESP). The climatic conditions with the complicity of the altitude of Bogota, led him to finish the 20km with a time of 1:32:42
Second place to César Alberto Herrera Cortez (COL) in 1: 33.06.
Third place went to Diego Fernando Cuellar (COL) in 1:35:09.
It was the race with the highest number of participants. As many as 12 athletes showed up at the start and all of them completed the race.


20km women
In this event the athletes of the Bogotà team have monopolized the three medals.
Victory for Sara Patricia Pulido Sandoval (COL) in 1:49:14
Second place to Lina Geraldine Bolívar Gonzalez in 1:50:51.
Third place went to Laura Cristina Chalarca Mojica (COL) who completed the podium with the bronze medal in 2:06:00.



Other Results
In the women's 10km U20, Leidy Hernández (COL) won in 56:35
In the men's 10km U20 the winner was Mateo Romero (COL) in 45:53.
Likewise, great show and good level in the U18 category
In the women's 5km U18, Natalia Pulido (COL) won in 26:02
In the men's 10km U18 the winner was Juan Pablo Galeano (COL) in 50:33.