12/04/2021   Almeirim (POR): Joao Vieira and Ana Cabecinha win the 20km Portugal Championships



The national road racing championships of the 20km of Portugal took place on Saturday 10 April.

The races took place in a 1 km circuit located in the Almeirim Urban Circular on a rainy day that greatly disturbed the athletes.
20km men
It was already known that the favorite would be Joao Vieira (POR), but it was also known that his probable victory would have a special flavor.
If achieved, it would have been the 60th national title for the Portuguese athlete.
And so it was.
The 45-year-old strong Portuguese athlete in a race as already mentioned opposed by adverse weather conditions won with a mark of 1:26:25.
The second position was occupied by Manuel Marques (POR) with a new personal best of 1:34:14
Bronze medal to da Rúben Santos (POR) in 1:37:57 who is also winner of the U23 category.
Fourteen athletes were at the start, of which 11 finished the race, 2 DNF and 1 DQ


20km women
It wasn't obvious, but Ana Cabecinha's presence on the starting line was the most touching moment of the day.
Antonio Cabecinha, Ana's father, had been hospitalized but had asked his daughters to compete.
Unfortunately, he didn't manage to win her most important battle. As recalled by Paulo Murta, Ana's coach, he has been a collaborator and animator of Club Oriental in Pechao for over 25 years, the team in which Ana Cabecinha has always played.
We take this opportunity to address our thoughts and our heartfelt condolences to her family.
Fifteen female athletes participated in the women's competition.
Victory however for Ana Cabecinha who won in 1:35:46
Second place to Maria Bernardo with a new personal best of 1:36:30 (previous of 1:41:38 obtained in Olhao, POR on 20.12.2020. Maria Bernardo also wins the U23 national title.
Only 2 seconds later, the third ranked athlete, Arabelly Orjuela (COL) who finished in 1:36:32, obviously extra-championship.
Third place in the national championship to Carolina Costa (POR) in 1:37:25, new personal best (previous of 1:37:33 obtained in Porto de Los, POR on 26.1.2020)
Fourth place for the 18 year old Inês Mendes (POR) in 1:37:36.
Instead, a rather unusual fact for her club colleague, Inês Henriques (POR) who finished in 5th place in 1:39:00, after serving a 2-minute penalty. The last disqualification of Henriques dates back to 21.5.2017 in the European Cup in Podebrady (CZE), while even more distant are those obtained in May 2009 first in Sesto San Giovanni and then in the European Cup in Metz.