12/04/2021   Bejaia (ALG): Algerian Race Walking Cup “Mohammed Elhadj Mechel”



It is with great pleasure that we offer our regular readers the results of the Algerian Road Walking Cup named "Mohammed Elhadj Mechel", which took place on Saturday 10 April in Bejaia (ALG).

It is not often that we are informed about race walking in Africa, which we know to be constantly evolving, particularly in the Mediterranean area, in Kenya and in South Africa.
The Algerian Walking Cup is an individual and team competition involving men and women of the senior, U20 and U18 categories.
The results of the first three athletes classified for each club in each category are taken into consideration in the classification by club, who are scored as in the World Athletics Team Walking World Championship.
The club with the lowest score is declared the winner.
Clubs that have not had at least three athletes classified in each single category do not enter the ranking.
Beyond the individual performances obtained which are certainly not comparable to those of the most advanced countries, the promotional element of this competition will not escape our assiduous readers.
If this was the federal goal, we can say that it was certainly achieved.
20km women
Victory to Souad Azzi (ALG) in 1:37:46 which represents the new record of Algeria
Second place to Tinhianane Boumaza (ALG) in 1:42:21
Third place to Bariza Ghezelani (ALG) in 1:44:48
20km men
Victory to Mohamed Ameur (ALG) in 1:28:20
Second place to Mohamed El Fateh Meddour (ALG) in 1:29:12
Third place to Adlane El Beyi (ALG) in 1:29:46



10km U20 men
It was the most interesting race that ended with an excellent performance for the first two athletes right on the finish line
Victory to Sohail Abderahman Aloui (ALG) in 41:47
Second place to Abdennour Ameur (ALG) in 41:47
Third place to Ismail Benhammouda (ALG) in 1:29:46
10km U18 boys
Victory to Touati Ould Ameur (ALG) in 49:00
Second place to Yasser Redaouia (ALG) in 49:07
Third place to Anes Chaouati (ALG) in 49:11


10km U20 women
Victory to Melissa Touloum (ALG) in 52:36
Second place to Djihene Moussaoui (ALG) in 1:00:04
Third place to Milissa Kennouche (ALG) in 1:00:31
5km U18 girls
Victory to Ines Bourif (ALG) in 29:26
Second place in Melodia Millane (ALG) in 30:44
Third place to Anais Abbas (ALG) in 31:41
In the Results section our readers will also find the rankings by Club.