13/04/2021   Rabat (MAR): 9th edition of a Meeting of the Federation of Morocco



Our journey into the world of the African race walk continues.

The contacts established, which we sincerely thank, have allowed us to highlight what has long been our main goal: to introduce our readers to that part of the World that is trying to emerge even in a very technical specialty such as walking.
Unfortunately, the difficulties in obtaining results and, sometimes, photographs are significant, so we apologize in advance to our readers for news that is not exactly up-to-date, but relating to about ten previous days.
However, we believe that knowing the development of this continent can only be a fact of common interest.
Rabat (MAR) hosted the 9th edition of a Meeting of the Federation of Morocco reserved for U16, U20 and seniors on 21 March 2021.
The two walking races were related to the U16 category and took place on the 3,000m track walk.
3.000m track walk U16 boys
The attention to the development of race walk immediately appears from the number of participants.
Fourteen young athletes at the start is a good viaticum.
The results were also quite interesting: two very young under 15:00.00 and another five under 16:00.00.
Victory for Badr Remains (MAR) in 14:34:95
Second place in Ayyoub Elasri (MAR) in 14:58.54
Third place to Mohammed Labbazi (MAR) in 15:03.98
Thirteen athletes completed the race, 1 DQ
3.000m track walk U16 girls
In the U16 female event, seventeen young athletes showed up at the start.
Even in the female category the results were quite interesting: two very young under 17:00.00 and four others under 18:00.00.
Victory for Hiba Ghazouani (MAR) in 16:29.80
Second place ito Anfaiha Halima (MAR) in 16:51.80
Third place to Jamil Aya (MAR) in 17:23.68
All seventeen young athletes completed the race.