14/04/2021   Algiers (ALG): Track Winter Championships




Also in Africa, this time again in Algeria, the Winter Track Championships were held at the Bateau Cassé Stadium in Bordj El Kiffen in Algiers on the weekend of 26-27 March 2021.

The event was dedicated to Abdelkader Hammani, one of the first glories of Algerian athletics before independence.
Hammani (born 1.11.1926) was a steeple specialist, but he also competed in the early 1950s in France, at the Caroubier racecourse together with the great Emile Zatopek.
Hammani died on 27.10.1984 at the age of 58.
The walking races took place on Saturday morning (March 27) at 8:00.
During this day of competition, three national Algerian records were beaten, demonstrating the current interest in the specialty.
10.000m track walk women
Victory to Souad Azzi (ALG) of MB Bejaia with a mark of 46:59.33.
This performance represents the new national record of Algeria.
His previous personal best (which was also a national record) was 47:47.54 and was set on 9.3.2019 in Bejaia (ALG).
Second place to Tinhinane Boumaza (ALG) in 47:24.81 also for her new personal best.
Her previous personal best was 48:41.53 and was established on 9.3.2019 in Bejaia (ALG).
Third place to Melissa Touloum (ALG) AMC Bejaia U20 athletes in 49: 09.80.
This performance represents the new national record of Algeria for the women's U20 category. Her old time was 49:41.54 dating back to 2018 and always got in Bejaia.



10.000m track walk men
Victory for Mohamed Ameur (ALG) in 41:13.68.
Second place to Souahail Abderahmane Aloui young U20 of SARA Batna who finished the race in 41:23.34.
This performance also represents the new national record of Algeria for the men's U20 category.
The old record was held by the late Athmane Chibani (ALG) of National ASS in 42:59.51 who had obtained it in El Oued (ALG) on 23.3.2018.
Third place to Mohamed El Fateh Meddour (ALG) in 41:33:34
It should be noted that with these results Melissa Touloum and Souahail Abderahmane Aloui qualified for the U20 World Cup scheduled from 17 to 22 August in Nairobi in Kenya.