18/04/2021   Megara (GRE): Kiriaki Filtisikou and Zacharias Tsamoudakis win the Panhellenic 20km Championship




For the second time in two months Megara in the "Varea" area hosts the Panhellenic Walking Championship and this time it is the 20km (reserved for senior and U23 athletes) and two 10km (5km for U19 girks) on the road, reserved to U20 and U18.

It begins with the departure at 9:30 of the U18 girlss, and then a few minutes away from the most important events.
20km women
There are 10 athletes who show up at the start.
The three favorites of the eve are Panayota Tsinopoulou (GRE), Antigoni Drisbioti (GRE) and Kiriaki Filtisikou (GRE) who respectively boast the following personal best:
- Panayota Tsinopoulou: 1:31:19 (established in Ivano-Frankivsk, UKR on 14.4.2020) when she finished sixth
- Antigoni Drisbioti: 1:30:25 (established in Ivano-Frankivsk, UKR on 14.4.2020) when she finished fourth
- Kiriaki Filtisikou: 1:32:33 (established in Antalya, TUR on 27.3.2021) when despite competing outside the standings she was the first of the Greek athletes.
In fact, her personal best is the least accredited of the three opponents.
Panayota Tsinopoulou (GRE), Antigoni Drisbioti (GRE) immediately start in front of the race with laps around 4:30-4: 33.
The 5km duo are firmly leading the race in 22:37 with Panayota Tsinopoulou leading.
The closest opponent is Kiriaki Filtisikou who follows in third position in 23:13 to 36".
Towards 9km Antigoni Drisbioti got rid of the opponent and transits at 10km alone in 45:35
In second position passes Kiriaki Filtisikou in 46:23, while Panayota Tsinopoulou is third in 46:41.
At this point, Tsinopoulou, who also suffers technically, tries to limit her damage by slowing down her pace, but she will be disqualified shortly after 12km.
The passage to three quarters of the race (15km) still sees Antigoni Drisbioti in the lead (1:19:14), but Kiriaki Filtisikou sniffs out the possibility of a victory perhaps not so surprising (it is good to remember that in Antalya she was the first of the athletes of Greece), and is now only 11” (1:09:25) behind the leader.
In third position is now Papadopoulou Christina (GRE) in 1:10:45.
Fourth is Olga Fiaska (GRE) in 1:13:51
The turning point in the race takes place after 15km up to 17km when Kiriaki Filtisikou covers two laps in 4:34 and 4:36 (and continues to increase the pace also in the following laps) while Antigoni Drisbioti does no better than 4:51 and 4:46.
Victory to Kiriaki Filtisikou (GRE) in 1:32:40 (personal best just missed)
Second place to Antigoni Drisbioti (GRE) in 1:33:20
Third place to Papadopoulou Christina (GRE) in 1:34:38
Fourth place to Olga Fiaska (GRE) in 1:38:42 far from the 1:36:53 that she had obtained on this same circuit on 28.2.2021.

20km men
There are 5 athletes who show up at the start.
The race has a totally different physique than that of women.
It is immediately clear that there is no room for victory. Barring accidents along the way, he will be the winner, the favorite of the day before: Zacharias Tsamoudakis (GRE).
The race for him ends in a training walk.
Ecco i suoi passaggi ad ogni giro:
Second place to Konstantinos Stamelos (GRE) in 1:42:44
Third place to Anastasios Stamos (GRE) in 1:43:28




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