18/04/2021   Guayaquil (ECU): Richard Boroto National Grand Prix




The most important walkers of Ecuador gathered for an extraordinary 10,000m track walk, as part of the Richard Boroto National Championship / Grand Prix, which took place between Saturday 15 and Sunday 18 April in Guayaquil (ECU).

The walking race took place on Sunday.
10,000m track walk men
And in that event, David Alexander Hurtado (ECU) obtained a great performance with a mark of 38:44.66, which represents the new South American U23 record and which constitutes the second historical record of South America on track (behind the record held by the Brazilian Moacir Zimmermann with 38:20.0 since 2008 in Blumenau). The previous U23 record was held by the best walker in Ecuador's history, Jefferson Pérez (39:50.73 in Winnipeg, 1993).
Hurtado also holds the South American U23 record for that distance in road with his 39:46, obtained four seasons ago in La Coruña.
On the Guayaquil track, he finished ahead of the Pan-American 20km champion, Brian Daniel Pintado (ECU), who set the time of 39:08.33 also for him a new personal best (previous of 40:46.17 obtained in Cuenca, ECU on 27.3 2016).
Third place to Jordy Rafael Jiménez Arrobo (ECU) in 39: 35.29, also for him a new personal best (previous of 41: 08.85 obtained in Cuenca, ECU on 14.4.2019).
Fourth place went to Jonathan Amores Carua (ECU) in 40:59.02 in front of Mauricio Arteaga (ECU) in 41:19.70.
Hurtado had already emerged as an athlete with a great future in the promotional categories and in 2017 reached 10,000 meters in the Junior Pan American Championship in Trujillo. A year later, he was second in the U20 world in Tampere with 40: 32.06 on the same distance.