19/04/2021   Bekescsaba (HUN): Victories of Lukasz Niedzialek (POL) and Katarzyna Zdzieblo (POL) - Helebrandt and Kovacs Huangarian champions




Bekescsaba (HUN) yesterday hosted the 20km road walk valid for the title of Champion of Hungary.
The 20km event valid for men and women included some intermediate marks over some distances valid for the lower categories.
20km road walk men
There were 20 athletes at the start.
In addition to the Hungarian athletes there were also 2 athletes from Poland and one from Mexico.
The two athletes from Poland immediately set the pace, along with the Mexican and Mate Helebrandt (HUN).
At the end of the race the overall winner will be Lukasz Niedzialek (POL) who will finish his race in 1:21:23 thus obtaining the new personal best (previous of 1:25:03 obtained in Podebrady, CZE on 10.10.2020)
In second place Jose Luis Doctor Morales (MEX) in 1:23:14
Third place to Mate Helebrandt (HUN) in 1:24:08 who wins the title of Champion of Hungary
Fourth place in Augustyn Rafal (POL) in 1:25:00
Fifth place to Bence Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN) in 1:25:54 (silver to the Hungarian Championships)
Sixth place to Miklos Domingos Sri (HUN) in 1:26:35 (bronze to the Hungarian Championships)




20km road walk women
There were 16 athletes at the start.
In addition to the Hungarian athletes, there were also 4 athletes from Poland, 2 from Romania and one from New Zealand.
That of women was a race with a lot of battle between the contenders.
In the final the victory was the prerogative of Katarzyna Zdzieblo (POL) in 1:30:35 who obtained the new personal best (previous of 1:30:41 obtained in Warsawa, POL on 26.9.2020)
Second place to Alana Barber (NZL) in 1:32:40
Third place went to the home star, Barbara Kovacs (HUN) in 1:33:23 who won the title of Champion of Hungary.
Fourth place to Olka Niedzialek (POL) in 1:34:34
Fifth place to Mihela Acatrinei (ROU) in 1:36:16
Sixth place to Agnieska Ellward (POL) in 1:36:18
Seventh place to Ana Veronica Rodean (ROU) in 1:37:13
Eighth place to Rita Rcsei (HUN) who won the silver medal of the Hungarian Championships
The bronze of the Hungarian Championships is for Eszter Banhidi (HUN) in 1:44:16