19/04/2021   Zagreb (CRO): Bruno Erent and Ivana Renic win the Croatian Track Championships




A weekend that just passed with a Sunday with no competitions all over the world.
Yesterday we reported the most important ones.
Today we proceed with those of a minor tone.
First of all the National Track Championships in Croatia.
There weren't many athletes at the start, but what is most important is the development that race walking is achieving in the Balkan regions as well.
10.000m track walk men
Victory to Bruno Erent (CRO) in 44:56.5, Croatia national record
Second place to Marko Dimitrijevic (CRO) in 53:28.9
Third place to Ivan Graberec (CRO) in 59:14.6
10.000m track walk women
Victory to Ivana Renic (CRO) in 49:36.3
Second place to Bruna Jancek (CRO) in 55:58.7
Third place to Mateja Erceg (CRO) in 1:02:15.1
10.000m track walk U20 men
Victory to Grigor Stojanovic (CRO) in 54:37.5
Second place to Antonio Belas (CRO) in 56:12.9
Third place to Marko Jurcic (CRO) in 1:06:40.6
10.000m track walk U20 women
Victory to Mia Pecina-Zorko (CRO) in 1:11:08.6
Second place to Maria Mihaljevic (CRO) in 1:11:10.8
Third place to Irma Kuzmanovic (CRO) in 1:13:59.2
10.000m track walk U18 boys
Victory to Edmond Dobruna (CRO) in 59:41.5
Second place in Lika Tisanic (CRO) in 1:06:49.4
5.000m track walk U20 girls
Victory to Lana Svarbic (CRO) in 29:21.8
Second place to Mia Marek (CRO) in 29:31:5
Third place to Lara Silic (CRO) in 29:48.4
Obviously, some races were also held for the U16 and lower categories, and precisely on this we would like to point out the strong development that race walking in Croatia is achieving.
In fact, the highest participation of all time in this country was in Zagreb in the U16 events: 19 girls and 9 boys belonging to 7 different Clubs had never been seen at the start.
Evidently the route marked and by Ivana Renic and Bruno Erent is bearing fruit, such as the interesting result on 3.000m obtained by the twelve year old Linda Nujić of AK Agram, who won the race in 16:17.2.