23/04/2021   Banska Bystrica (SVK); the traditional race walking meeting




Today the traditional Walking Meeting organized by the Banka Bystrica Club (SVK) took place at the VSC Dukla stadium.
20.000m track walk men
At the walking races on the new training oval of the Dukla of Banská Bystrica in Štiavničky, Dominik Černý (SVK) obtained the entry standard of 20.000m (1:28:00) for the European Team Championships on May 16th in Poděbrady.
Černý set a time of 1:27:54.2 (manual) which for him represents the new personal best on the track distance. The previous best was 1:47:38.70 obtained in Trnava (SVK) on 5.12.2020; therefore with a large balance of quality, even if, to be honest, the athlete has a lower result on the road distance (1:24:47) established in Podebrady (CZE) on 6.4.2019.
Below his split times each 5.000m:

- 5.000m: 22:16.5

- 10.000m: 44:28.8 (22:11.3)

- 15.000m: 1:06:29.8 (22:02.0)

- last 5.000m: 21:24.4

10.000m track walk men
Victory to Adam Nosal (SVK) in 46:05.6
Second place to Tomas Mencel (SVK) in 47:19.3
Third place to Daniel Kovacs (SVK) in 51:38.4
Below his split times each 5.000m:

- 5.000m: 23:26.8

- 10.000m: 46:05.6 (22:38.8)

10.000m track walk women
Victory to Paulina Avenova (SVK) of ŠK ŠOG Nitra (coach Peter Mečiar), with the mark of 51:40.8 obtaining the entry standard to the European Junior Championships in July in Tallinn, Estonia.
Below her split times each 5.000m:

- 5.000m: 25:54.1

- 10.000m: 51:40.8 (25:46.7)

5.000m track walk men
Victory to Miroslav Úradník (SVK) who returned to the race after injury in 19:48.4.
The athlete dominated the race without much difficulty and in any case went quite close to his personal best (19:39.36) obtained in Kosice (SVK) on 25.7.2020
Second place to his VSC Dukla club colleague Michal Morvay (SVK), also coached by Matej Spišiak who finished in 19:56.6. Morway for the first time in his career managed to do better than 20:00.0. Previously he boasted a personal best of 20:57.38 set in Nitra (SVK) on 31.8.2019
Third place went to Daniel Kovacs (SVK) in 22:15.5 obtained by passing over 10,000m



5.000m track walk women
Among women dominated Maria Katerinka Czaková (22:25.3), who helped to get the personal best to Hana Burzalova (second in 23:09.4).
Third place Alzbeta Ragasova (SVK) in 23:40.4.



After the races in Banská Bystrica, the walking section has summoned 10 competitors for the European Team Championships:
- for the men's 20km: Miroslav Úradník, Dominik Černý plus Ľubomír Kubiš and Daniel Kováč at his own expense,
- for the women's 20km: Mária Katerinka Czaková, Hana Burzalová, Ema Hačundová and at own expense Klaudia Žárska,
- for 10 km in the junior category, Alžbeta Ragasová and Stanislava Hakulinová
(foto by Martin Pupis - SVK)