24/04/2021   Milan (ITA): Eleonora Giorgi and Federico Tontodonati win the Walk and Middle Distance Night by ESET




Anyone who have a smattering of athletics in Italy knows that one of the "musts" is the opportunity to participate in a competition at the Arena Civica in Milan.
For the building, commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, the shape of the amphitheater was chosen, as a reference to the Roman imperial tradition, to which Napoleon himself explicitly referred.
It was designed by the architect Luigi Canonica who was inspired by the Circus of Maxentius, located outside Rome on the Via Appia Antica, near the Basilica of San Sebastiano fuori le mura (out of the walls).
Designed in 1805, it was inaugurated after only two years of work, in 1807, by Napoleon Bonaparte himself.
The history of Italian and World athletics passes through the results achieved on its track: on 27.6.1973 Marcello Fianconaro (ITA) set the new world record on 800m (1:43.7h) which lasted until 25.7.1976. In 1977 Pietro Mennea on this track defeated for the first time one of his great opponents Don Quarrie (JAM).
This year the first major national appointment on the new track of the "Gianni Brera" Civic Arena in Milan it is today's one with “Walk and Middle Distance Night by ESET”, for its 10th edition it is giving a new “home”. The WMD-NIGHT by ESET meeting is organized by Giorgio Rondelli and Top Training, in collaboration with ESET, a leading company in the development of IT security software for the protection of companies and end users.
The "walk" part is reserved for young U16s and senior men and women.
The star of the evening is certainly Eleonora Anna Giorgi, who we know is being in a walk down phase after a long training yesterday, particularly dedicated to technique.
In men it will be interesting to see Giacomo Brandi in action after the interesting test on a poor Sunday (18 April) in Bergamo when he won the 10.000m track walk in 40:48.65 (new personal best) fighting with Federico Tontodonati and Riccardo Orsoni.
5.000m track walk women
As expected, the race was a solo by Eleonora Anna Giorgi in the lead from the first meter.
A fairly controlled race that in any case ends in 21:30.30 which represents the second seasonal world performance of the year behind the 20:51.03 established by Jemima Montag (AUS) in Melbourne (AUS) on 27.2.2021.
Second place to Federica Curiazzi (ITA) in 22:27.90
Third place to Lidia Barcella (ITA) in 22:46.89


5.000m track walk men
The men's race is a little different, when Giacomo Brandi immediately takes the lead and tries to force the pace. But the next lap Federico Tontodonati and Riccardo Orsoni catch up with him.
Thus a trio is formed which is followed closely by Juriy Micheletti.
Shortly after 2.000m Federico Tontodonati decides to force again his pace and it will no longer be reached.
Shortly after 3.000m the surprise of the day: Juriy Micheletti reaches and takes off Giacomo Brandi and Riccardo Orsoni.
Victory for Federico Tontodonati (ITA) in 19:07.64 new personal best (previous of 19:26.86 established in Chivasso, ITA on 10.9.2017. This performance is currently the second best seasonal world performance over the distance behind the 18:56.77 mark estabilished by Declan Tingay (AUS) in Melbourne on 27.2.2021.
Second place to Juriy Micheletti (ITA) in 19:53.24 also personal best for him (previous of 21:01.20 established in Milan, ITA on 3.10.2020)
Third place to Giacomo Brandi (ITA) in 20:02.77 also personal best for him (previous of 21:30.94 established in Macerata, ITA on 27.9.2015)
Only fourth Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) in 20:05.31