27/04/2021   Albufeira, Algarve (POR): The Portuguese Race Walking Cup




The Portuguese Race walking Cup, a team championship, took place on Saturday 24 April on the Albufeira track, in Algarve in Portugal.
The competition, again due to the pandemic, took place in a reduced form with the absence of most of the best walkers in Portugal.
The Clube Atletismo de Tunes (Algarve), in men, and the Clube de Futebol de Oliveira do Douro (Porto), in the women, were the winners of the 2021 edition
In the men's division, CA Tunes, with 41 points, replaced in second-placed Sporting CP (20 points), with Azorean youth Team Ilha Verde in third place (13 points).
In women, CF Oliveira Douro, with 32 points, overtook Sporting CP, who scored 27 points, and ACR Senhora do Desterro, with 18 points.
6 teams were classified.
In individual terms, the victories were obtained, in 10,000 meters for seniors, by Manuel Marques (AC Póvoa de Varzim), in 44:36.11, and Vitória Oliveira (SC Braga), in 46:48.53, in the 10,000 meters U20 , by Tiago Ramos (CA Tunes), in 46:36.52, and Inês Mendes (CN Rio Maior) in 48:11.26, personal best, and in 5,000 meters U18, by Guilherme Rodrigues (Sporting CP), in 24:14.36 and Gabriela Santos (ACR Senhora do Desterro), with 26:48.35.
10,000m senior men
First place for Manuel Marques (POR) in 44:36.11
Second place to Paulo Martins (POR) in 44:50.28
Third place to Amaro Teixeira (POR) in 48:10.82
10.000m senior women
First place for Vitória Oliveira (POR) in 46:48.53
Second place to Carolina Costa (POR) in 47:47.51
Third place to Ana Monteiro (POR) in 49:52.08
10.000m U20 men
First place for Tiago Ramos (POR) in 46:36.52
Second place to Guilherme Alves (POR) in 57:39.85
10.000m U20 women
First place for Inês Mendes (POR) in 48:11.26
Second place to Bruna Marques (POR) in 50:30.44
Third place to Beatriz Dionisio (POR) in 53:49.62
5.000m U18 boys
First place for Guilherme Rodrigues (POR) in 24:14.36
Second place to Filipe Fernandes (POR) in 27:38.24
Third place to João Santos (POR) in 28:48.33
5000m U18 girls
First place for Gabriela Santos (POR) in 26:48.35
Second place to Carolina Dias (POR) in 27:07.24
Third place to Oriana Sousa (POR) in 28:51.46