04/05/2021   Voronovo (RUS): Victories of Nadejda Sergeeva (RUS) and Vasily Mizinov (RUS)





On Monday, May 3, on a cool and cloudy spring day, the traditional “Voronovo Cup” of march took place in Voronovo, about 70km from Moscow (RUS).

The current situation of Russia which cannot participate in international events has still negatively affected the presence of international athletes at the start.
The scheduled races were two 10km on the road on the traditional 1km course which has already been tested several times.
10km women
Nine athletes showed up at the start.
From the first lap Nadejda Sergeeva (RUS) took the lead at a pace of 4:15/km which is impossible for the others.
The most immediate follower is Ekaterina Petrova (RUS) from the Chelyabinsk region, an athlete from 2004 and therefore still U18 who walks at the pace of 4:37.
The mid-race pass sees Nadejda Sergeeva (RUS) in the lead in 21:57 (4:15 + 4:21 + 4:26 + 4:28 + 4:27)
Ekaterina Petrova (RUS) is in second position in 23:25 after 1:28
In third position passes Anastasia Taushkanova (RUS) also from the Chelyabinsk region in 24:01 followed a short distance by Anastasia Silvar (RUS) and Alina Shishkova (RUS).
The second part of the race adds nothing new.
Nadejda Sergeeva (RUS) continues with her pace (4:28 + 4:32 + 4:34 + 4:34 + 4:31) and wins in 44:36 far from her personal best of 42:06 established on 3.5.2019 in Podolsk (RUS).
Second place to Anastasia Taushkanova (RUS) who just before the 8km managed to catch up and break off her teammate Ekaterina Petrova (RUS) who finished third.
Times: Taushkanova (46:45) and Petrova (47:09)
The more detached the others.




10km men
Eight athletes at the start
Also in the men's test there is the solo of Vasily Mizinov (RUS).
These are his split times of almost impressive regularity:
- 5km in 18:57 (3:44 + 3:43 + 3:50 + 3:50 + 3:50)
- second 5km in 19:13 (3:51 + 3:53 + 3:55 + 3:50 + 3:44)
Halfway through the race Kirill Shutov (RUS) and Artem Selin (RUS) them follow him at a distance of 1:17. 
Even further behind is Evgeny Dobrynkin (RUS)
Kirill Shutov and Artem Selin walk shoulder to shoulder up to 7km when Shutov manages to detach his teammate by a few meters.
It will no longer be reached and at the end of the race there will be only 9 seconds between them.
Second place to Kirill Shutov (RUS) in 40:50
Third place to Artem Selin (RUS) in 40:59
Thanks to Sergey Nochevnyy - RUS)

(Photos by Sergey Nochevnyy - RUS)