12/05/2021   Bejaia (ALG): 1e Soirée Ramadanesque




Last April we offered our readers the results of two important walking races in Algeria.
The races were held in Bejaia (ALG) on 10.4.2021 with the Algerian Road Race Walk Cup named "Mohammed Elhadj Mechel" and previously in Algiers (26-27 March 2021) with the Winter Track Championships in which also included the walking events.
We now come to know, with some delay, that the "Ligue d’Atletisme de Bejaja" with the support of the Federation of Algiers d’Athletisme organized the "1e Soirée Ramadanesque" running, walking and field events on Friday 30 April 2021.
The walking events took place over the 10,000m track walk distance.
10,000m track walk women
Victory for Milissa Kennouche (ALG) in 1:00:56.3
Second place to Lydia Nefti (ALG) in 1:13:05.6
Souhila Azzi (ALG) did not finish the race, which in the previous Algerian Road Race Walk Cup named to "Mohammed Elhadj Mechel" had finished sixth in 50:00.15
10,000m track walk men
Only one competitor in the race.
Djafri Billal (ALG) completing his effort in 45:26.0.
He too in the previous Algerian Road Race Walk Cup named to "Mohammed Elhadj Mechel", arriving in fifth position, had recorded a better time (43:20:06).
For the record Djafri Billal (ALG) boasts a personal best on the track distance of 42:53.25 obtained in Biskra (ALG) on 17.3.2017