16/05/2021   Podebrady (CZE): European Race Waling Team Championships - Afternoon events




Afternoon events
20km women
Katarzyna Zdzieblo (POL) immediately starts in the lead, gaining about twenty meters.
The whole group follows her led by Antonella Palmisano (ITA), Meryem Bekmez (TUR), Raquel Gonzalez (ESP), Saskia Feigen (GER) and Maria Perez (ESP).
After 15 minutes of competition Katarzyna Zdzieblo is joined by the pursuers and Meryem Bekmez leads the group of leaders.
- 5km
There are ten of them in the leading group at 5km.
Leads the race Katarzyna Zdzieblo, with Antonella Palmisano, Raquel Gonzalez and Meryem Bekmez in 22:24.
At the bottom of the small group of leaders is Lyudmyla Olyanovska (UKR) as attentive as ever.

- 10km
Nothing has changed.
10 lead the race (passage in 44:41 seconds 5km in 22:17)
Followed by Mariavittoria Becchetti and Valentina Trapletti at about twenty meters.
- 15km
After 10km, Maria Perez and Antonella Palmisano take the lead, exchanging a bottle of water like Coppi and Bartali.
The pace picks up and comes off Katarzyna Zdzieblo.
Raquel Gonzalez in the leading group and Mariavittoria Becchetti have a red card against them for lack of contact.
At 11km the situation remained unchanged in the lead, while Mariavittoria Becchetti was 4 seconds behind her teammate Valentina Trapletti, just as the second red card against her appears on the scoreboard.
Half a turn later the penalty zone is stopped.
Meanwhile Antonella Palmisano lengthens her pace and only the three athletes from Spain follow her at a few meters.
The passage to three quarters of the race takes place for Palmisano in 1:06:18 and the three Spaniards are 4 seconds behind.
Laura Garcia Caro, Raquel Gonzalez and Maria Perez reach Antonella Palmisano beautiful course of the 16th km. Right at the moment when the disqualification of Mariavittoria Becchetti arrives.
- last 5km
We try to stretch Laura Garcia Caro, and Antonella Palmisano follows her. Maria Perez resists and instead Raquel Gonzalez loses a few meters.
At 17km three are leading the race with Antonella Palmisano trying to force the pace.
Laura Garcia Caro receives two red cards for contact just as Antonella Palmisano gains a couple of meters.
Raquel Gonzalez is 21 seconds behind and is fourth.



During the 19th km Antonella Palmisano stretches again and now the advantage is back to about 30. Marius Perez off his teammate Garcia Garo who thinks about managing the race.
At the bell the advantage of the Palmisano is 10 seconds.
Victory to Antonella Palmisano (ITA) in 1:27:42
Second place to Maria Perez (ESP) in 1:28:03
Third place to Maria Garcia Caro (ESP) in 1:28:07
Fourth place to Raquel Gonzalez (ESP) in 1:28:37
Fifth place in Ayser Tekdal (TUR) in 1:29:47
20km men
Salih Korkmaz (TUR) starts very fast and immediately gains about ten meters, which becomes fifty shortly after the first pass on the finish line.



For him the first km is covered in 3:57 while the group covers it in 4:08.
The second km is covered in 7:55 while the group covers it in 8:10.
The third km is covered in 11:56 while the group covers it in 12:10.
At 4km the passage of Kormaz takes place in 15:53 ​​while the group passes in 16:12.
- at 5km
Salih Korkmaz (TUR) leads the race in 19:41
The group of chasers is 20 seconds behind (20:11) and is led by Matteo Giupponi (ITA), Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) and Federico Tontodonati (ITA).
Lukas Niedzialek and Norbeth Toth are burdened with a red card.

- at 10km
The race continues at this pace, but in the group of chasers, Perseus Karlstrom takes the lead with the aim of reducing the gap.
The situation does not change at 8km Kormaz leads (27:48) and the chasers always at 17 seconds (28:05) and it does not change even at 8km: Kormaz leader (31:46) and the other always at 18 seconds (32:04) 
Halfway through the race: Salih Kormaz is still leading in 39:42, but the group of chasers led by Perseus Karlstrom and with Alvaro Martin (ESP) and Diego Garcia (ESP) shortened the gap (39:59). Federico Tontodonati follows in 40:00 followed by Gabriel Bordier (FRA), Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP), Matteo Giupponi (ITA) and Francesco Fortunato (ITA)
- at 15km
At 11km always in the lead Korkmaz (43:20) and the chasers at 12 seconds.
Federico Tontodonati in the group of followers receives a red card for lack of contact.
At 12km, the lead of Korkmaz (45:41) tapers off and Karlstrom, Garcia and Martin follow (47:47).
It is reached exactly at 13km (51:41).
Meanwhile, Francesco Fortunato first reached his teammate Tontodonati, then Bordier and finally Miguel Angel Lopez. Korkmaz receives a red card for loss of contact, as does Matteo Giupponi.
Four remain to lead the race at 14km with Karlstrom (55:35) setting the pace. The followers (55:51) are Lopez, Bordier and Fortunato.
At 15km the four pass in 59:34 but the coolest seems to be Alvaro Martin. The three other followers are at 13 seconds (59:47)
- last 5km
Korkmaz comes off at 16km and three are left in 1:03:31. Korkmaz is at 3 seconds and the three pursuers at 14 seconds.
Massimo Stano leaves the group and is now in ninth position (1:04:27)
At 17km the forst three pass in 1:07:25, followed by Korkmaz (1:07:35) and then by the trio Lopez, Fortunato and Bordier.
Karlstrom forces his pace and the only Alvaro Martin follows him. Garcia loses about ten meters Lopez gaim some few meters to Fortunato.
Few after a Korkmaz's stomach crisis which is overcome by Lopez, Fortunato and Bordier.
Force again the pace Perseus Karlstrom and take off Alvaro Martin who evidently masked the fatigue well.
The race seems closed for the win, not for the other four positions.
At the bell Karlstrom leads in 1:15:06, Martin is second at 9seconds, Garcia is third at 14seconds, Lopez is fourth at 26seconds and then Fortunato (1:15:55).
Victory tyo Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) who has time to take his Viking hat (1:18:54)
Second place to Alvaro Martin (ESP) in 1:19:14
Third place to Diego Garcia (ESP) in 1:19:19
Fourth palce to Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP) in 1:19:25
Fifthplace to Francesco Fortunato (ITA) in 1:19:43 at the best race of his life! New personal best; destroyed the previous of 1:22:01 (London, GBR 13.8.2017)
Sixth place to Gabriel Bordier (FRA) in 1:20:10
Seventh place to Salih Korkmaz (TUR) in 1:20:10
Eighth place to Massimo Stano (ITA) in 1:20:30