23/05/2021   Borsky Mikulas (SVK): 52nd edition of Zahoracka Dwadka





The 52nd edition of Zahoracka Dwadka took place today in Borsky Mikulas, the oldest walking competition in the Slovak Republic now in its 52nd edition.
And just today Slovakia is crying, as we have already indicated in another news, one of its major interpreters of race walking of the second half of the last century: Pavol Szikora, who died at 69 after a long illness.
In addition to a whole series of races on shorter distances (1km, 2km, 3km) dedicated to young and very young both males and females and a 5km open to the Masters, the most important events of the day were those on the 10km distance.
10km men
Only three athletes at the start.
Victory to Miroslav Uradnik (SVK) in 41:44
Second place to Dominik Černý (SVK) in 42:50
Third place to Milan Rizek (SVK) in 44:57

10km women
Also in this race only three athletes at the start.
Victory to Maria Katerinka Czakova (SVK) in 45:58
Second place to Hana Burzalova (SVK) in 47:48
Third place to Ema Hacundova (SVK) in 50:23
10km U20 men
Victory to Patrik Nemcok (SVK) in 45:24
Second place to Tomas Mencel (SVK) in 45:57
Third place to Jakub Batovsky (SVK) in 46:52
Fourth place to Michal Duda (SVK) in 47:01
10km U20 women
Victory to Alzbeta Ragasova (SVK) in 49:13
Second place to Paulina Avenova (SVK) in 50:53
Third place to Karin Devaldova (SVK) in 51:18
Fourth place to Terezia Kurukova (SVK) in 51:48
Fifth place to Ivana Dudova (SVK) in 53:41
(Foto by Peter Meciar - SVK)