28/05/2021   Gulf Shores (USA): National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Championships 2021




The NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Championships took place between 26 and 28 May 2021 at Mickey Miller Blackwell Stadium in Gulf Shores in Alabama (USA)
The walking events took place on the second day (Thursday 27 May) on the usual distances for the USA of 5.000m track walking.
5.000m track walk men
Fifteen athletes at the start.
Steven Smith (USA) immediately leads the race, passing the first 1.000m in 4:32:52. Along with him, Dean Freitag (USA) and Jordan Crawford (USA) pass the 1.000m.
The three continue with their pace alternating in the lead up to 3.000m where Steven Smith passes in 13:15:50, Dean Freitag in 13:17:89 and Jordan Crawford in 13:19:82.
Two laps after Steven Smith's advantage over Jordan Crawford, who overtook Dean Freitag, is 12”39/100, during the next lap the race leader is disqualified for irregular walk.
Go ahead then for the other two.
After 4.000m Dean Freitag forces the pace and overtakes Jordan Crawford who causes the blow.
Victory to Dean Freitag (USA) in 22:05.79
Second place to Jordan Crawford (USA) in 22:26.51
Third place in Carson Johson (USA) in 23:57.15
5.000m track walk women
Sixteen athletes at the start.
Jolene Jensen (USA) immediately leads the race, passing to the top 1.000m in 4:43.82. Behind her pass Loanie Cellard (USA) and Kayla Allen (USA).
Towards 1800m Loanie Cellard goes to lead the race and will never be reached again.
For the other positions the battle at this point is three. In addition to Jensen and Allen, Maria Alarcon (USA) stands out.
It is Maria Alarcon who, after 3.000m, moves to second position that she will keep until the end.
Victory to Loanie Cellard (USA) in 25:47.00
Second place to Maria Alarcon (USA) in 26:42.76
Third place to Kayla Allen (USA) in 27:07.28