30/05/2021   Tatabanya (HUN): 1st Race Walking Memorial dedicated to Antal Kiss (HUN)




The first edition of the Antal Kiss March Memorial took place on Saturday 29 May in Tatabanya (HUN).
Tatabanya (HUN) is a city of about 70,000 inhabitants in the valley between the Gerecse Mountains and the Vértes Hills in the middle between Budapest to the east and Gyor to the west.
Antal Kiss (born in 1935) recently passed away in Tatabanya, on 9 April 2021 at the age of 86 he was one of the walkers who made the history of race walking in Hungary.
The most successful of him was to have obtained the silver medal in the 50km of the Olympic Games in Mexico City with a time of 4:30:17.
His at the time of him was a memorable race with these split times:
- 10km: in 51:49 (together with Vittorio Visini, ITA)
- 20km: in 1:45:03 (53:14)
- 30km: in 2:39:57 (54:54)
- 40km: in 3:33:53 (53:56)
- last 10km in 56:24
which, however, were useless against the excessive power of Christoph Hoene (GDR) who won in 4:20:14 with the greatest advantage in the 50km in Olympic history. In the Mexican review Kiss he had also participated in the 20km walk which he finished in 14th place in 1:38:24.
Tatabanya wanted to immediately honor the memory of this illustrious citizen with a memorial dedicated to him.
10km men
Twelve athletes at the start.
Victory for Bence Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN) in 41:39 which represents for the athlete his second time ever over distance (personal best of 41:21, also obtained in Tatabanya on 3.6.2017).
Second place in Bagdány Tomasz (HUN) in 41:46 also very close to personal best of 41:22 obtained in Pecsn (HUN) on 12.10.2019.
Third place to Miklos Domonkos Srp (HUN) in 42:47 who on this occasion gets the new personal best (previous of 43:19 always obtained in Tatabanya on 3.6.2017).
10km women
Seven athletes at the start.
Victory to Rita Recsei (HUN) in 46:45 new personal best (previous of 48:22 obtained in Dudince, SVK on 21.3.2015).
Second place to Tiziana King Spiller (HUN) in 47:42
Third place in Eszter Banhidi (HUN) in 52:01.
5km U18 women
Two athletes at the start.
Victory to Dorottya Meszaros (HUN) in 25:49 new personal best (previous of 27:02 obtained in Bekescsaba, HUN on 28.4.2019).
Second place to Mirjam Hassan (HUN) in 28:17