31/05/2021   Cheboksary (RUS): The Russian National Walking Championships



This weekend the most important race that took place was the Russian Walking Championship, in its summer version.
As has been the case for some time, the races were held in Cheboksary, on the beautiful course of the Moscow Volga Embankment.
The program started on Saturday 29.5 (8:00) with the 50km (men and women) to continue in the afternoon at 16:00 with the 20km women (absolute and U23) and at 18:00 with the 20km men (absolute and U23).
On the second day at the Olympic stadium the 10,000m track walk races reserved for U20s took place, starting at 11:40 for women and 12:40 for men.
Previously the U18 boys had competed (at 10:00) always on the 10.000m walk on the track and finally the U18 girls on the distance of the 5.000m walk and track at 10:40.
50km men
Eleven athletes at the start on a fairly hot morning with 25° Celsius and a humidity of 52%.
Four of them immediately take the lead: Sergey Rakov (RUS), Nikolay Maximov (RUS), Sergey Sharypov (RUS) and Kirill Shutov (RUS).
The group of leaders passes together at 10km and 20km with the following split times:
- 10km: 44:54
- 20km: 1:29:18 (44:24)
During the third 10km Nikolay Maximov and Kirill Shutov break away (2:14:01) and the other three remain in the lead, passing the 30km in 2:13:46 (with the third 10km covered in 44:28).
In the quarter 10km Sergey Rakov continues with his pace (44:35) and passes to 40km in 2:58:21. At this point of the race Nikolay Maximov is in second position (3:00:18), Sergey Sharypov in third (3:02:20) and Kirill Shutov in fourth (3:06:51) also due to a technical measure with a 5-minute stop in the penalty area.
In the last 10km the race can be said to have already ended, except for the disqualification of Kirill Shutov.
Victory to Sergey Rakov (RUS) in 3:44:46
Second place to Nikolay Maximov (RUS) in 3:50:36
Third place went to Sergey Sharypov (RUS) in 3:52:39
From the fourth onwards times greater than 4:00:00
50km women
Only four athletes at the start: Margarita Nikiforova (RUS), Christina Lyubushkina (RUS), Anastasia Kalashnikova (RUS), Irina Musikhina (RUS).
Victory to Margarita Nikiforova (RUS) in 4:03:07
These are her split times every 10km:
- 10km: 48:29
- 20km: 1:36:51 (48:22)
- 30km: 2:24:58 (48:07)
- 40km: 3:13:35 (48:37)
- last 10km in: 49:32
Second place to Christina Lyubushkina (RUS) in 4:19:37
Third place to Anastasia Kalashnikova (RUS) in 4:29:37
Fourth Irina Musikhina (RUS) in 4:45:14
20km women
Twelve athletes at the start.
Elena Lashmanova (RUS) immediately takes the lead and she passes the middle of the race in 42:59.
Second is Reyhan Kagramanova (RUS) 33 seconds behind (43:32)
Victory to Elena Lashmanova (RUS) in 1:27:52
Second place to Reyhan Kagramanova (RUS) in 1:28:13
Third place in Marina Novikova (RUS) in 1:32:04
Nine other athletes competed in the U23s.
Victory to Daria Chernova (RUS) in 1:35:50 (halfway through the race 45:48)
Second place to Alexandra Simakova (RUS) in 1:37:29 (halfway through 53:10)
Third place to Polina Veryaskina (RUS) in 1:41:32 (halfway through the race 48:37)
20km men
Only five athletes at the start.
Anton Kurbatov (RUS) immediately takes the lead, passing at 10km in 39:26 and will no longer be reached.
Halfway through the race, Kurbatov is followed by Alexey Kudashkin (40:04) and Sergey Shirobokov (40:43).
Victory to Anton Kurbatov (RUS) in 1:20:16 setting his personal best (previous of 1:22:06 established on 02.19.2021 in Sochi, RUS).
Second place to Alexey Kudashkin (RUS) in 1:22:30
Third place went to Sergey Shirobokov (RUS) in 1:24:10 far from his personal best of 1:17:25 established on this Cheboksary course on 9.6.2018 and which still represents the best U20 world distance performance.
In U23 the presence at the start is much more interesting (15 athletes).
Victory to Sergey Kozhevnikov (RUS) in 1:21:52 (mid-race 39:30) very close to the personal best of 1:21:20 set in Sochi, RUS on 19.2.2021.
Second place to Ivan Baburkin (RUS) in 1:24:22 (halfway through the race 42:13)
Third place to Selin Arten (RUS) in 1:24:37 (halfway through the race 41:52)
The races of the second day
10.000m track walk U20 women
Fifteen athletes at the start.
Victory to Anastasia Kolchina (RUS) in 44:41
Second place to Yulia Khalilova (RUS) in 44:42
Third place to Elena Sborets (RUS) in 45:22
10.000m track walk U20 men
Twenty athletes at the start.
Victory to Maxim Pynzin (RUS) in 38:48
Second place to Dmitry Gramachkov (RUS) in 39:47
Third place to Kirill Grudkin (RUS) in 40:32


10.000m track walk U18 boys
Twelve athletes at the start.
Victory to Danila Martinov (RUS) in 39:36
This result represents the best performance of the entire Russian exhibition in Cheboksary. The young Russian athlete obtained the best world result ever for a U18 on the track, improving the mark of 39:47.20 obtained by Chen Ding (CHN) on 11.7.2008 in Bydgoszcz (POL).
The improvement of Danila Martinov (born 1.5.2004) in the last two seasons has something incredible. Until yesterday in the track distance he had a personal best of 45:07.3h obtained here in Cheboksary on 16.6.2019, but he had already improved in 2020 his personal best on the road distance of 10km from 43:50 in 2019 bringing it to 40:59 during the Sochi Winter Championships on 17.2.2020.
Second place to Evgeniy Zhdakaev (RUS) in 40:52
Third place went to Dmitry Muravyov (RUS) in 41:48
5.000m track walk U18 girls
Nineteen athletes at the start.
Victory to Anastasia Podyachikh (RUS) in 21:47
Second place to Ekaterina Petrova (RUS) in 21:57
Third place to Victoria Idashina (RUS) in 22:10.