07/06/2021   Siedlce (POL): Katarzyna Zdzieblo and Lukas Niedzialek win the 20km championships in Poland




They took place in Siedlce (POL) organized by the WLKS Nome Iganie the National Championships of Poland of 20km walk.

The competitions took place on the course of Ul. Giovanni Paolo II.
20km women
Eight athletes present at the start
Katarzyna Zdzieblo (POL) had no difficulty in defending the title already obtained a year ago by conquering another success.
The LKS Stal Mielec competitor kept a very steady pace from the first to the last lap, running continuously between 4:44/km and 4:47/km.
Below are her split times:
- 5km: 23:30
- 10km: 46:55 (23:25)
- 15km: 1:10:18 (23:33)
- last 5km in 23:25
who brought her to victory in 1:33:43
Second place to Olga Niedzialek (POL) in 1:38:08
Third place to Agnieszka Ellward (POL) in 1:45:41
Only six athletes completed the race, 1 DNF and 1DQ.
20km men
Eleven athletes present at the start.
In the first part of the men's race we witnessed a battle between Lukas Niedzialek (POL) and Jakub Jelonek (POL) who, however, let the opponent go after the first 2km.
Niedzialel continue with the following split times:
- 5km: 20:47
- 10km: 41:29 (20:42)
- 15km: 1:02:03 (20:34)
- last 5km in 20:53
who brought him to victory in 1:22:56
Second place to Dawid Tomala (POL) in 1:23:29
Third place to Artur Brzozowski (POL) in 1:27:27
Only nine athletes completed the race, 1 DNF and 1DQ.