06/06/2021   Bursa (TUR) Turkish national track Championships




Also in Turkey on Sunday 6 June the track championships took place in Bursa.
10,000m track walk men
The high number of athletes at the start (27) made it necessary to carry out two timed sessions, of which all the athletes with the best accreditation times were concentrated in the first.
And the best times were obtained from the first timed session for the three athletes who got on the podium.
The victory went to Abduselam Imuk (TUR) in 41:15.67 who obtained the new personal best (the previous one was 42:14.59 always obtained in Bursa, TUR on 4.8.2019)
Second place to Serhat Gungor (TUR) in 42:24.72 also at the new personal best (the previous was 43:42.60 obtained in Boras, SWE on 21.7.2019)
Third place in Mazum Demir (TUR) in 42:48.12. For him the greatest leap in quality with the new personal best that improves the previous one of 47:35.58, obtained in Ankara (TUR) on 9.8.2020 by almost 5 minutes.
At the end of the two series, 15 athletes reached the finish line, while 5 abandoned and 7 were disqualified.


10,000m track walk women
Twenty-one athletes at the start.
Clear victory of Evan Demir (TUR) in 45:56.54 which sets the U23 national record.
Second place in Chahinez Nasri (TUN) in 47:06.68
Third place in Bouzhid Rihem (TUN) in 48:34.59
Fourth place (but second of the Turkish athletes) to Emine Ceylan in 51:56.76
Fifth place (but third of the Turkish athletes) to Selyn Cadir in 52:03.95