13/06/2021   Queretaro (MEX): Andres Olivas and Alegna Gonzalez win the Mexico track Championships




This morning (7.00 local time, 13.00 in Europe) the last day of the National championships of Mexico took place in the new athletics facility of Santiago de Queretaro (commonly known as Queretaro) about 200km from Mexico City.
The two walking races on the 10,000m track walk were held with simultaneous start for both the male and female categories.
The day was quite cool, cloudy and in the final part of the night there was also some rain as some parts of the track were still wet.
We remind you that Queretaro is located at an altitude of 1,856m above sea level.
10.000m track walk men
There are fifteen athletes at the start.
Among them Horacio Nava (MEX) who declared that he only competes for the maintenance of physical form in preparation for the 50km of the Olympic Games in Sapporo for which he has already obtained the standard.
A group of about ten athletes led the race from the very beginning.
Among them we mention: Andres Olivas, Noel Ali Chama, Julio Cesar Salazar, Isaac Palma and his brother Ever Palma, and Jesus Tadeo Vega.
It is really interesting to see how these athletes, who all competed with good results in La Coruna last Saturday, did not neglect their national championships.
Towards half of the race the group of leaders is reduced to four athletes: Andres Olivas, Ever Palma, Julio Cesar Salazar and Noel Ali Chama.
After a few more laps Andres Olivas and Ever Palma forced the pace while the other two detach by about ten meters.
The two proceeded together until the last laps, when Andres Olivas asserted his pickup speed and went on to win.
Victory to Andres Olivas (MEX) in 40:09.80 (an excellent mark considering the altitude at which it was obtained)
Second place to Ever Palma (MEX) in 40:31.95
Third place went to Noel Ali Chama (MEX) in 40:46.71
Fourth place to Jesus Tadeo vega (MEX) in 41:01.58
Fifth place to Julio Cesar Salazar (MEX) in 41:05.60
Sixth place to Gustavo Israel Solis (MEX) in 41:09.99


10.000m track walk women
Immediately a leading group is formed with Alegna Gonzalez, Ilse Guerrero, Alejandra Ortega, Sofia Ramos and Valeria Ortuno.
Towards the middle of the race Valeria Ortuno comes off and they remain in four.
About 3500 to go Alegna Gonzalez leads the race and forces her pace, progressively detaching the others
The young athlete from Estado de Mexico shows, as usual, a textbook race walk, with spectacular fluidity.
Victory for Alegna Gonzalez (MEX) in 44:21.48 not far from her personal best (44:13.88) obtained on 14.7.2018 in Tampere with the victory at the U20 World Championships.
Evidently the young athlete from Mexico is in excellent shape considering that last Saturday in La Coruna she obtained the personal best on the 20km (1:28:40) by taking the luxury of leaving Erica Rocha De Sena behind her, and coming within 16 seconds of the winner Sandra Lorena Arenas.
Second place to Ilse Ariadna Guerrero (MEX) in 44:44.17 which gets the new personal best (previous of 46:37.02 obtained in Chihuahua, MEX on 31.5.2019)
Third place to Alejandra Ortega (Mex) in 44:55.66 also with the new personal best (previous of 47:03.42 obtained in Barcelona, ​​ESP on 11.7.2012)
Fourth place to Sofia Elizabeth Ramos (MEX) in 44:56.12 also with the new personal best (previous of 52:14.51 obtained in San Jose de Costa Rica, CRC on 21.7.2019)