20/06/2021   Kosice (SVK): Slovak U18 Championships




The U18 National Championships begin in the various countries of Europe in addition to those already underway for a few weeks of the U20s.
The ambitious goal of some athletes in the U18 category is to obtain the standard for participation in the U20 European Championships to be held in Tallin, Estonia on July 15, 2021.
Yesterday it was the turn of Slovakia which had its own championships on the Kosice (SVK) track (city where the esteemed international race judge Silvia Hanosova lives, who for the occasion acted as chief judge of the jury) on a high heat and humidity.
5.000m track walk U18 boys
The hot weather certainly did not favor the seven young athletes at the start.
The victory at the end of the race went to Tomas Mencel (SVK) in 23:49.45, more than a minute away from his personal best of 22:39.74 set in Bratislava (SVK) on 6.9.2020. The young Slovakian athlete, however, consoled himself by establishing his own season best which until yesterday was 24:28.30 and dated back to 21.3.2021 when it was established in Martin (SVK).
Second place went to Adam Nosal' (SVK) in 24:05.48 who, despite the heat, finished quite close to his personal best (23:59.43) also set for him in Bratislava (SVK) on 6.9.2020.
Third place to Michal Duda (SVK) in 24:12.27


5.000m walk on track U18 girls
Results instead of greater interest instead in the U18 girls' event.
The number of athletes at the start was also more interesting, reaching 13 units
The favorites for the victory were three.
- the two athletes of the SK SOG of Nitra, the Club that gave birth to Matej Toth: Paulina Avenova (personal best of 24:47.50, established in Martin, SVK on 21.3.2021) and Terezia Kurucova (personal best of 23: 1.30, established in Martin, SVK on 21.3.2021, beating his teammate);
- Ivana Dudova from Atletický klub ZTS Martin boasting the best personal best (24:28.50) also established in Martin, SVK on 21.3.2021.
As often happens in youth competitions, the direct match has subverted the values, and certainly the heat will have contributed as well as none of the three has managed to improve.
Victory to Terezia Kurucova (SVK) in 25:36.52
Second place to Paulina Avenova (SVK) in 26:01.27
Third place to Ivana Dudova (SVK) in 26:43.23