23/06/2021   Yusuke Suzuki (JPN) forgoes the Olympic Games




A small bomb shakes the world of Japan's eace walk.

Yusuke Suzuki, who had been included in the Japanese national team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Athletics in men's 50km walk, decided to give up the national team due to poor  shape conditions.
Since he won the gold medal in the men's 50km walk at the 2019 Doha Athletics World Championships, his resilience has decreased significantly, especially in 2020, and Japan's technical sector has been trying to do so. recover before joining the tournament.
Complicated and then also the pandemic Suzuki was able to return training only at the beginning of the spring, but for him it is still difficult to do high intensity works.
Since it would have been difficult to achieve the desired results in the remaining period, the decision to withdraw was reluctantly made.
By winning the gold medal at the World Athletics Championships in Doha, Yusuke Suzuki already has the right to participate in the next (2022) World Athletics Championships and therefore with his coach he will take action to prepare the conditions for the competition of the next year.
A piece of his statement on the Fujitsu Team website for which he competes:
"It is a pain not to be able to meet the expectations of everyone who anxiously awaited him, including the people who support me on a daily basis and the people of Ishikawa prefecture. Even if I feel frustrated, I would like to support the participating walkers as a member of the Japanese team of race walking."
Certainly our friend Fumio Imamura, Head Coach of the national walking team of Japan (and lella Fujitsu) will have no difficulty in finding a replacement to the height given the enormous human heritage at his disposal.

CP Athlete Status Details
1 Masatora KAWANO Qualified by Entry Standard 3:36:45 - Takahata (JPN) - 27 OCT 2019
2 Satoshi MARUO Qualified by Entry Standard 3:37:39 - Takahata (JPN) - 27 OCT 2019
3 Yusuke SUZUKI Qualified by Entry Standard 3:39:07 - Wajima (JPN) - 14 APR 2019
4 Hayato KATSUKI Qualified by Entry Standard 3:42:34 - Wajima (JPN) - 11 APR 2021
5 Hirooki ARAI Qualified by Entry Standard 3:43:02 - Wajima (JPN) - 14 APR 2019
6 Kai KOBAYASHI Qualified by Entry Standard 3:43:31 - Wajima (JPN) - 11 APR 2021
7 Tomohiro NODA Qualified by Entry Standard 3:45:26 - Wajima (JPN) - 11 APR 2021
8 Isamu FUJISAWA Qualified by Entry Standard 3:46:27 - Wajima (JPN) - 11 APR 2021


We recall that in the current season among the top ten athletes in the 50km ranking are five from Japan (Satoshi Maruo; 3:38:42, Hayato Katsuki: 3:42:34, Kai Kobayashi: 3:43:31, Tomohiro Noda: 3:45:26, e Isamu Fujisawa: 3:46:27).