27/06/2021   Getafe (ESP): Alvaro Martin and Maria Perez win the National Championships of Spain




The third session of the 101st Spanish Championship took place on Saturday 26 June 2021 at the Juan de la Cierva Sports Center in Getafe.
During this session the women's 10,000m track walk took place.
10,000m track walk women
The great protagonist of the day was María Pérez.
As soon as the start was given, a trio was formed at the head of the race made up of María Perez (ESP), Laura García-Caro (ESP) and Raquel González ESP), who currently represent the leaderships of the women's race walking in Spain.
Behind them followed Mar Juárez (ESP) and Julia Takacs (ESP).
These are their split times every 1,000m.
- 1.000m: 4:20.25 with Raquel Gonzalez leading the trio of leaders
- 2.000m: 8:44.13 (4:23.48)
- 3.000m: 13:08.00 (4:23.57) but now leading the race is Laura Garcia-Caro
- 4.000m: 17:35.28 (4:27.28)
- 5.000m: 21:57.60 (4:22:48)
- 6.000m: 26:21.32 (4:23.32)
After the 6km Maria Perez decides to increase her pace and detaches her two companions going alone towards a well-deserved victory.
These are his next splits:
- 7.000m: 30:48.26 (4:16.94)
- 8.000m: 35:01.80 (4:13.44)
- 9.000m: 39:27.63 (4:25.83)
- last 1.000m in 4:14.41
Victory then to María Pérez (ESP) in 43:42.04, personal best (previous of 43:52.08 obtained in la Nucia, ESP on 1.9.2019) and best Spanish result of the year.
For her, this is her second title on track, after hers in 2019.
The silver medal went to Raquel González (ESP) in 44:28.85.
The bronze went to Laura García-Caro (ESP) in 44:49.31.
Behind, in fourth position, came Mar Juárez (46:26.66)
Fifth place to Carmen Escáriz (48:30.80)
Sixth place went to home athlete Lidia Sánchez-Puebla (48:53.77).

10,000m track walk men
On Sunday 27 June at 9:30 the men's race starts with 14 athletes.
Among them today we like to remember in particular one, Jose Ignacio Diaz (ESP) who today celebrated twenty years of high-level walking in Spain.
Celebrated by his teammates José Ignacio Diaz has a personal best on the 20km of 1:21:48 obtained in Rio Maior (POR) on 1.4.2006 but the result to which he himself declared to be most attached is the 5th place Otten uno on 50km of the World Team Walking Championships in Rome 2016.

And we come to the race.
Twenty days ago in La Coruna the winner was Diego Garcia (1:19:37), with Alvaro Martin third (1:19:59) while Miguel Angel Lopez did not participate.
Today in Getafe in the middle distance on track a great solo (and a great time) by Alvaro Martin in the lead from start to finish.
These are his split times:
- 1.000m: 3:52.26
- 2.000m: 7:47.26 (3:55.00)
- 3.000m: 11:42.52 (3:55.26)
- 4.000m: 15:41.75 (3:59.23)
- 5.000m: 19:39.87 (3:58.12)
- 6.000m: 23:38.98 (3:59.11)
- 7.000m: 27:86.84 (3:47.87)
- 8.000m: 31:38.03 (4:01.19)
- 9.000m: 35:38.92 (4:00.89)
- last 1.000m in 3:56.76



Victory then to Alvaro Marin (ESP) in 39:35.58 which represents the best performance of the season (previous of 39:50.34 obtained in Murcia, ESP on 30.1.2021.
Second place to Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP) in 39:55.86
Third place to Diego Garcia (ESP) in 40:37.78
Fourth place to Marc Tur (ESP) in 40:12.14
(Photos by Miguelez Team - RFEA -ESP)