27/06/2021   Eugene (USA): Nick Christie and Robyn Stevens win the US Trials on 20km




The US Trials valid for the Olympic selection took place from Friday 18 June to Sunday 27 June in Eugene, Oregon, USA at Hayward Field.

The two events of frace walk, both on the distance of 20km, took place on Saturday 26 June
20km men
The number of athletes at the start is interesting for a Country that, while it is a world leader in many specialties, certainly (and we hope they don't want it badly) is not in race walking.
There were 15 of them.
Immediately after the start, the main favorite of the day before, Nick Christie (USA), goes ahead with a pace of 4:13/km, while the two main opponents (Daniel Nehnevaj, USA and Emmanuel Corvera, USA) follow with a pace of 4:34/km.
The split times are as follows:
- 5km: Christie 21:03, Nehnevaj 22:06, Corvera 23:13.
- 10km: Christie’s pace is a bit slower and he passes halfway through the race in 43:08 (seconds 5km in 22:05). On the other hand Nehnevaj instead gives some slight signs of increase and passes in 44:05 (seconds 5km in 21:59). Emmanuel Corvera continues with his pace. His passage in the middle of the race is 45:01.
In any case, the positions seem to have crystallized and as soon as he will say it is already clear that this will most likely be the order of arrival.
- 15km: at three quarters of the race Christie passes in 1:06:22 (third 5km in 23:08), still slightly slowing, while Nehnevaj follows him in 1:07:22 (third 5km in 23:17) substantially almost at the same pace as the leader. Emmanuel Corvera, on the other hand, only tries to keep the third position and passes in 1:07:22
In the last 5km the pace becomes even slower, but substantially changes very little.
Victory to Nick Christie (USA) in 1:30:48 with the last 5km covered in 24:36
Second place to Daniel Nehnevaj (USA) in 1:31:59 with the last 5km covered in 24:37
Third place went to Emmanuel Corvera (USA) in 1:34:38 with the last 5km covered in 26:08 consequence also of a stop of 120 seconds in the penalty area for irregular walking just before 18km.
All the others follow.




20km women
Also in the women's event there are 15 like athletes at the start.
The leadership of the favorite, Robyn Stevens (USA), is more evident.
These are her split times:
- 5km: 22:57
- 10km: 46:37 (23:40)
- 15km: 1:10:42 (24:05)
- last 5km in 24:31



She concludes his test victorious in 1:35:13
Second place went to Maria Michta-Coffey (USA) in 1:39:25, who remained in third position in the first part of the race up to 8km.
Third place to Miranda Melville (USA) in 1:40:49
(Photo thanks to Jeff Salvage, www.racewalk.com, USA)