29/06/2021   Minsk (BLR): Mikita Kolyada and Anna Terlyukevich win National Championships of Belarus




The National Championships of Belarus were also held last weekend at the Dinamo National Olympic Stadium in Minsk (BLR).
The two walking events on the 10.000m track walk took place on Friday 25 June 2021, during the second day on a beautiful sunny day.
10,000m track walk men
The men's race was the first of two scheduled races starting at 16:30.
Twelve athletes showed up at the start.
Regarding the victory, the race had no history. The eve favorite Mikita Kolyada (BLR) who boasts a personal best of 40:18.51 established in this stadium on 31.7.2020 took the lead and maintained his leadership until the end.
The young athlete who had won the U20 European Champion title in Boras (SWE) on 21.7.2019 (41:10.03) did not struggle much to finish in 40:37.51 which represents his second time ever on the distance except for the 40:22.17 obtained on 21.2.2020 in the Indoor facility of the Olimpiets Arena in Mogilyov (BLR).
The battle for the other two medals, which was resolved in the final race, was more interesting.
Second place to Aliaksandr Lyakhovich (BLR) in 41:14.17
Third place to Anatoly Gomelev (BLR) in 41:26.81


10,000m track walk women
The women's race started at 17:20.
Eight athletes showed up at the start.
Also in this case the favorite on the eve was awarded the title of national champion.
Anna Terlyukevich (BLR), however, had to struggle until halfway through the race to get the better of the toughest of opponents, Alina Yushchanka, a new and unknown name to most.
Victory to Anna Terlyukevich (BLR) in 46:18.86
Second place to Alina Yushchanka (BLR) in 46:51.14
Third place to Anastasia Rarovskaja (BLR) in 47:00.89