04/07/2021   Kütahya (TUR): The U18 National Championships of Turkey




The U18 Spor Toto Athletics Championship of Turkey ended in the Halil Akkaş athletics stadium in Kütahya (TUR).
The two walking events took place on the following days:
- the women's walk on the 5.000m track on Friday 2 July starting at 9:15
- the men's one on the 10,000m track walk on Saturday 3 July starting at 8.30
5.000m track walk girls
Fifteen young athletes at the start.
The temperature was 29°C, and the humidity 35% at about 950m altitude of Kütahya.
The conquest of the title of Turkey U18 Champion was a matter reserved for two athletes of the same club in the city of Gaziantep, and among other things already very well known in the youth walk of Turkey.
We are talking about Elif Nur Ozbey (TUR) and Aysenur Buse Gunaslan (TUR) both from 2004 who showed up at the start with the following personal best:
- Elif Nur Ozbey: 26:52.2h obtained on 16.9.2000 in Diyarbakir (TUR)
- Aysenur Buse Gunaslan: 27:13.1h also obtained in the same competition as the previous one.
The two young women immediately took the lead and never left the leadership.
In the final of the race Elif Nur Ozbey forced her pace and went towards victory with a small margin of the teammate.
Victory for Elif Nur Ozbey (TUR) in 25:01.30 which thus establishes the new personal best
Second place to Aysenur Buse Gunaslan (TUR) in 25:07.75 also at the new personal best
Third place went to Selin Cadir (TUR) of Eskisehir who had presented at the start with a personal best better (25:53) than the other two (but obtained on the road) and who failed to do better than 26:07.13.
All fifteen athletes completed the race.


10.000m track walk boys
On the second day, the men's race saw a higher number of young athletes at the start: 21.
The temperature was 25°C, and the humidity 45%
In this race there was an undisputed favorite Hayrettin Yildiz (TUR) who this season had already won the two 10km road championships of Turkey in Antalya on March 6, (44:58) and, again in Antalya on March 27, at the Balkan Race Walk U18 Championships (43:43)
For the podium, however, the fight was restricted between Mehmet Gungor (TUR) capable of a 45:52 in Antalya on March 27 at the Balkan Race Walk U18 Championshipsi and Seyhmus Capat (TUR) who in the first of the two races in Antalya obtained the mark of 47:14.
The forecasts of the eve were duly respected.

Victory to Hayrettin Yildiz (TUR) in 45:46.54
Second place to Mehmet Gungor (TUR) in 46:56.50
Third place in Seyhmus Capat (TUR) in 46:57.21
Fourteen athletes completed the race, five DNF and two DQ.