10/07/2021   Tallin (EST) - European U23 Championships - Victories of José Manuel Perez (ESP) and Meryem Bekmez (TUR)


Second day of the U23 European Championships in Tallin (EST) with the two walking races.
20km men
Only 14 athletes at the start.
The obligatory favorite is Lukas Niedzialek (POL) by virtue of his best accreditation time (1: 21.23).
Many are dreaming of medals: Riccardo Orsoni (ITA), Mikita Kaliada (BLR), Abdulselam Imuk (TUR), David Kenny (IRL) and the two Spaniards José Manuel Perez and Pedro Conesa.
David Kenny and Lukas Niedzialek are immediately in the lead and already at 2km (8:16) have a 5 second advantage (8:21) over Kaliada, Imuk, Orsoni and Perez.
- at 5km
Leaders of the race are David Kenny, Lukas Niedzialek, Riccardo Orsoni, José Manuel Perez, Abdulselam Imuk, Andrea Cosi and Mikita Kaliada
The jury begins to fill the board with the red cards. Both Tukish, Imuk and Ilhan, and Alvaro Lopez (ESP) each have one red card for loss of contact, Pavel Olhov (BLR) and Joni Hava (FIN) one for bent knee.


- from 5 to 10km
José Manuel Perez (42:12) caught up with and passed Lukas Niedzialek and David Kenny (42:12). They are followed by Andrea Cosi (42:21) and Riccardo Orsoni (42:37)
From a technical point of view Abdulselam Imuk (TUR) and David Kuster (FRA) first received the second red card and then a short distance away the third red card (all for loss of contact )and will serve the 120 second penalty. David Kuster (FRA) will the be DQed.
- from 10 to 15km
José Manuel Perez is the leader in front of David Kenny. Third is Lukas Niedzialek who seems to be in crisis and is approached by Andrea Cosi.
- last 5km
Just before the 16km Andrea Cosi catches and overtakes Lukas Niedzialek, who just after the 16th km collapses to the ground exhausted.
17km: Perez (1:12:00), Kenny (1:12:08), Cosi (1:12:28) and then Orsoni (1:13:40) in the meantime Davide Finocchietti (ITA) is burdened by two reds card (bent knee), but has been in crisis (perhaps even mental) for a few kilometers.
18km: Perez (1:16:17), Kenny (1:16:41), Cosi (1:16:58) and then Orsoni (1:18:12)
19km: Perez (1:20:28), Kenny (1:21:13), Cosi (1:21:32) and then Orsoni (1:22:47)
Victory for José Manuel Perez (ESP) in 1:25:06
Second place to David Kenny (IRL) in 1:25:50
Third place went to Andrea Cosi (ITA) in 1:26:05
Fourth Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) in 1:27:23




20km women
There is only one favorite for the win and it is Meryem Bekmez (TUR) who has team mates Ayse Tekdal and Evan Demir and Kiriaki Filtisakou (GRE) as opponents. As outsiders there are the two Frenchmen: Pauline Stey and Camille Moutard.

In fact, the race is a solo by the strong athlete from Turkey, who among other things also offers the public a good march.
- at 5km
Meryem Bekmez leads in 28:04 followed by teammates Ayse Tekdal (28:37) and Evin Demir (28:57) who precedes Kiriaki Filtisakou (GRE) and Pauline Stey (FRA) in 29:02.
The Russian Elvira Kashanova who competes as ANA who was in second position up to 4km, is stopped in the penalty area for 120 seconds and passes in 17th position.
- at 10km
Meryem Bekmez continues on her pace and transits in 50:10.
She is followed by Ayse Tekdal (52:00) and Kiriaki Filtisakou (52:21). Evin Demir is fourth in 52:26 while Pauline Stey (FRA) passes in fifth position in 52:47,
Elvira Kashanova (ANA) was disqualified.
- at 15km
Meryem Bekmez is the undisputed leader and passes in 1:13:57.
In second position is now Kiriaki Filtisakou (1:15:51) who overtook Ayse Tekdal (1:16:13). Fourth is the French Pauline Stey (1:16:22) who precedes the Spanish Antia Chamosa (1:16:56)
- last 5km
Up to 18km nothing changes with Meryem Bekmez in the lead (1:23:25) and Kiriaki Filtisakou in second position (1:25:31).
Immediately after the Greek has a sudden collapse and just before the 19km she is overtaken by the French Pauline Stey who passes at 19km in 1:30:21 in second position. Kiriaki Filtisakou is third in 1:30:24 but will not finish the race.
Victory to Meryem Bekmez (TUR) in 1:33:08
Second place to Pauline Stey (FRA) in 1:34:47 establishing new personal best (previous of 1:35:58 established in Podebrady, CZE on 16.5.2021)
Third place to Antia Chamosa (ESP) in 1:35:04 also at the new personal best. The previous of 1:36:55 was set in La Coruna, ESP on 8.6.2019)





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