13/07/2021   Lima (PER) -South-American U20 Championships




Lima, the capital of Peru, is one of the largest cities in South America.
Although it retains a beautiful colonial historic center, Lima is a vibrant metropolis.
And certainly the past weekend on Friday and Saturday will have been even more lively on the occasion of the 44th edition of the U20 South American Athletics Championships.
The two walking races took place on the classic distance of 10,000m track walk (on July 9th for men and on July 10th for women).
10.000m track walk U20 men
The competition saw the participation of 10 athletes who competed on La Videna track, and was of a high technical level, with the top eight classified under 45:00 and the top five with times below the minimum set for the U20 World Championships (43:40), which will take place in Nairobi, August 17-22.
Victory for Christian Alejandro Rojas (COL) who completed twenty-five laps on the track in  42:48:50 confirming the great Colombian tradition in race walking and establishing the new personal best on the distance (previous of 46:17.00 established in Cali, COL on 8.6.2019). The athlete also boasts a good 44:29 on the 10km road distance established this year on 7.5.2021 in Guayaquil (ECU).
Second place to Saúl Wansputsrik (ECU) in 42:53.95 also at the personal best on track while in Guayaquil on the road he stopped the clock in 44:17
Third place went to Mateo Romero Blanco (COL) in 42 54.57 also at the new personal best on the distance (previous of 46:13.81 established in Bogotà, COL on 13.7.2019). The athlete also boasts a good 43:52 on the 10km road distance established this year on 7.5.2021 in Guayaquil (ECU).




10.000m track walk U20 women
Continuing a very interesting season, the young Gabriela Muniz De Sousa (BRA) in 47:11.69, obtaining the new personal best (previous of 47:20.89 obtained on the track of Bracança Paulista, BRA on 7.5.2021)
With this result, Gabriela Muniz, who this year was crowned Pan American walking champion in her category, in Guayaquil (ECU) confirmed the entry standard for the U20 World Championships, in Nairobi, in August, and also the presence in the Pan Americans, who will take place in Santiago de Chile, next October.
Especially interesting were his three participations in the 20km on road (best result 1:38:35) on 10.6.2021 and 20.000m on track (1: 35: 02.56) on 25.4.2021.
Secondo place to Paula Domenica Valdez Zaraus (ECU) in 47:17.82 who gets the new personal best. Previous of 49:52.22 obtained in Quito (ECU) on 23.5.2021.
Third place in Inês Huallpa Condo (BOL) in 49:07.18