19/07/2021   Anežka Drahotová cleared of the Disciplinary Commission of the ČAS




The Disciplinary Commission of the Athletics Association of the Czech Republic examined the case of Anežka Drahotová.
In April 2021, the athlete was notified of an irregularity in the biological passport.
In samples A and B of Anežka Drahotová from a sampling of 31.7.2018 (a few days before the European Athletics Championships in Berlin) changes were found in the ratios of the isotopes C12 and C13, which could have represented a violation under the article 2.1 of the Anti-Doping Directive.
The disciplinary commission of the ČAS concluded that Anežka Drahotová had shown that these changes were not caused by the use of a prohibited substance in her body, as they were naturally produced based on a change in eating habits and a change in health state.
It was claimed that the athlete, in addition to the opinions of endocrinologists and ICT experts, demonstrated the absence of guilt or negligence.
"Therefore, the athlete has been declared innocent and Article 10.5 of the anti-doping directive applies, not imposing any period of ineligibility" was the statement by the president of the Disciplinary Commission of ČAS, doc. ing. Miroslav Sevcik.
(editor's note of 20.7.2021: the Disciplinary Commission of the ČAS is the Disciplinary Commission of the Slovak Athletic Federation and not the TAS-CAS as reported in some press news in Italy).
Anezka Drahotova immediately after stated that: "It is a great relief for me. Thanks to all my fans, family and all those who believed in me and believe in me. The most important thing for me is that I have not committed any illicit. I have a clear conscience, I am not on drugs ".