19/07/2021   Milovice (CZE): Victories of Dominik Černý and Hana Burzalova




Milovice, a charming town in central Bohemia (220m above sea level) and about 10.000 inhabitants, hosted an interesting Road Walking Meeting on Sunday 18 July.
The program was centered on the two main events on 10km road walk which saw the departure of a high group of athletes, both male and female.
But also the two races on the shortest distance (5km) saw the participation of many athletes.
10km men walk
Thirty athletes who showed up at the start
The victory of Dominik Černý (SVK) in 42:26 was undoubted and unequivocal.
The strong athlete from Slovakia with this performance achieved the best seasonal performance over distance having previously, as season best, the result of 42:50 (obtained in Borsky Mikulas, SVK on 22.5.2021). However, his personal best is positioned below 42:00 and was obtained in Olomouc (CZE) on 13.4.2019 with a mark of 41:38.
Unfortunately, time of little interest from the other athletes in the race.
Second place to Tomáš Gdula (CZE) in 49:10 far from his personal best of 45:10 established in Podebrady (CZE) on 9.4.2016
Third place in Rostilav Kolář (CZE) in 49:38
Twenty-eight athletes completed the race and two DQed


10km women walk
Twenty-four athletes who showed up at the start
There was an interesting fight for the victory between Hana Burzalova (SVK) and the very young Terezia Kurucova (SVK).
In the end the victory went to Hana Burzalova (SVK) who was five years older than Kurucova and who had already been able to get on the distance an interesting 47:48 on 22.5.2021 in Borsky Mikulas (SVK). Sunday she stopped the clock at 49:04.
But it is the second place, that obtained by Terezia Kurucova, perhaps the most interesting result of the day considering the very young age of the athlete, born on 24.3.2005 and therefore still U18.
Kurucova demolished the previous personal best of 51:48 (obtained in Borsky Mikulas, SVK on 22.5.2021) by stopping the clock in a very interesting 49:38.
This performance, in addition to obtaining the standard of participation in the U20 World Championships in Kenya, is also the best result ever achieved on the 10km road by a U18 athlete from Slovakia.
Below is the updated table of performance under 50:00.
It is very interesting to note that only three female athletes from 2005 (Kolchina - RUS, Kurucova - SVK and Savaneuskaya - BLR) boast a performance below 50:00.

  Mark Competitor DOB Nat Venue Date
44:41 Anastasiya KOLCHINA 11 MAY 2005 RUSRUS Cheboksary (RUS) 30 MAY 2021
46:09 Valeriya SHOLOMITSKA 01 AUG 2004 UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 20 MAR 2021
48:02 Darya PUSHKINA 06 FEB 2004 RUSRUS Cheboksary (RUS) 30 MAY 2021
49:05 Anastasia ANTONOPOULOU 27 OCT 2004 GREGRE Megara (GRE) 18 APR 2021
49:13 Silvia VILLAR NIETO 19 JAN 2004 ESPESP Sevilla (ESP) 14 FEB 2021
49:38 Terezia KURUCOVA 24 MAR 2005 SVKSVK Milovice (CZE) 18 JUL 2021
49:54 Alesia SAVANEUSKAYA 12 SEP 2005 BLR BLR Brest (BLR) 17 APR 2021


Third place to Michaela Baklikova (CZE) in 58:36





Also in the two 5km races there was an interesting participation.
31 male athletes and 21 female athletes.
For the results, we refer our readers to the relevant section which they can access by clicking on the link below.
(Thanks to Peter Meclar - CZE for the results and photos)