20/07/2021   After being cleared, Anežka Drahotová gives up to the Olympic Games



It has only been a day since the Disciplinary Commission of the Athletics Association of the Czech Republic found not guilty of altering Anežka Drahotová's biological passport.

Today, however, the athlete announced that she would not participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, explaining her reasons for her in an official statement.


"Representing your Country at the Olympics is the best you can get in sport. At least that's how I understand. I am convinced that for the Olympics to make sense for the Czech Republic and for the athlete himself, you have to be in great shape.

The last three months have been mentally very busy for me. Unfortunately I couldn't compete, but I trained all the time and tried to do my best, but you can't replace the race pace with that.

It hurts, but I decided not to fly to Tokyo. I consulted with coaches and doctors and agreed with them that it would not make sense.

But I want to see it in a better way: I managed to clean up my name and I will keep my fingers crossed for all Czech athletes".