07/09/2021   Budapest (HUN): 2021 Hungarian Super League Final



The annual Hungarian Super League Final was held in Budapest last weekend.
The Hungarian Athletics Federation based the Super League racing program some years ago: they organize 3-5 competitions a year in each track and field event where the athletes can get points after placing and results scoring (Spiriev Scoring Table). After the series, the best 8 athletes qualify into the Final. The idea was to ensure racing possibilities to the athletes where they can earn also some money. 


Regarding of the busy late summer program, not all of qualified walkers accepted the entry. Finally only 7 walkers started at women's final and 8 walkers in the men's race.


No big surprise among the male walkers: the two Tokyo-Olympian finished at first and second place. 


The winner was Máte Helebrandt (3-times Olympian, 5th in London 2017 at 50k and finished at 17th place in Tokyo), the runner-up was Bence Venyercsán (two-times Olympian, finished at place 20th in Tokyo, also in 50k event). As 3rd came the Rio-Olympian Miklós Srp who has actually finished his career and has started coaching a group of walkers since August.





At the women's race the winner was Barbara Kovács (two-times Olympian, Rio and Tokyo 20k) with a season best, behind her Rita Récsei (Rio-Olympian) finished with a personal best. 

On the podium stood with a bronze medal the talented junior girl Tiziana Spiller (8th place in Tallin U20 European Ch. and 12th in Nairobi U20 World Ch.).


This weekend will be held the Hungarian Club Ch. Final where probably all of the above mentioned walkers will start again.







Men 10.000m Track Walk


1 Helebrandt Máté 40:07.73

2 Venyercsán Bence Barnabás 42:15.01

3 Srp Miklós Domonkos 42:44.55

4 Tóth Norbert 43:57.71

5 Tokodi Dávid 44:29.10

6 Bagdány Tomasz 45:13.60

7 Horváth Dániel 48:48.71

8 Papp Ferenc 50:43.19



Women 10.000m Track Walk


1 Kovács Barbara 46:47.62

2 Récsei Rita 47:29.57

3 Spiller Tiziana Kinga 51:20.59

4 Biróné dr Molnár Valéria 52:20.17

5 Bodorkós-Horváth Katalin 54:53.07

DQ Hassan Mirjam

DQ Mészáros Dorottya





Risultati ufficiali - Official results