12/09/2021   What will change in the rules of race walking in 2022




It is therefore time to start looking towards the new future (unfortunately without the 50km in the major events) for race walking.
As everyone has known for some time in major events both men and women will compete in the following distances:
- 20km
- 35km
for a total of four events.
The World Athletics had already approved through its World Athletics Board in the months of March and July of 2021 some changes to the current rules, namely those relating to the recognition of World Records in the new distance of 35,000m/35km of walking and to the stop time in the Penalty Zone over this same distance.
These changes will already be included in the “Competition and Technical Rules 2022” and will come into effect on November 1st this year.
We summarize them below.
World records recognised (Competition Rule 32):
Current situation: World records of 20,000m, 30,000m and 50,000m track walk for men are planned on the track while world records of 10,000m, 20,000m and 50,000m are planned for women. On the road, world records on 20km and 50km are planned for both men and women
Future situation (starting from 1.1.2023): on the road (male and female), in addition to the 20 and 50 km, 35km will be added.
The ratification by World Athletics for the new distance of 35.000m/35km will take place in accordance with Competition Rule 31 (and in particular 31.19 and 31.20). The initial World Record will be recognized provided the result obtained is equal to or greater than 2:22:00 for men and 2:38:00 for women.
Subsequently, the records of 30.000m/30km will be deleted.
Standard walking distances (Technical Rule 54.1):
- On indoor track the standard distances are 3.000m and 5.000m.
- On the outdoor track the standard distances are 5.000m, 10.000m, 20.000m, 35.000m and 50.000m.
- On the road the standard events are 10, 20, 35 and 50km.
Penalty zone (Technical Rule 54.7.3):
In addition to the penalty times already defined in the aforementioned rule for the various distances, the penalty time of three and a half minutes (3:30) in the 35,000m/35km race walk is added.