13/09/2021   Székesfehérvár (HUN): The Hungarian Club Championships Final



The annual Hungarian Club Championships Final was held in Székesfehérvár, in the Bregyó Stadium (which was also the host stadium of the famous Gyulai Memorial, part of Diamond League series). 
Most of the best walkers of the country represented their club. The Club Ch. is a good initiative to give financial support to the clubs and also provides racing possibility to the athletes. The distance was 10.000m walk some years ago but it was shortened to 5.000m Walk since last year.


It was a late summer sunny day (27 Celsius) on Saturday. 



5.000m track walk women


First the women started: Viktória Madarász went to the lead immediately. She pushed a strong speed, walked convincingly in the front. 

She was followed by the other Tokyo-Olympian Barbara Kovács, in the third position walked the Rio-Olympian Rita Récsei. 

Behind them, the youngers fighter for the positions. 

Because of the humidity and warm weather, Viktória slowed down after 3000m and finished still with an impressive time 21:25.62. 

The runner-up was Barbara Kovács who walked close to her PB (22:21.35) 

The bronze went to Rita Récsei in 23:31.41.



5.000m track walk men


The men's race was very exciting.

The Honvéd athlete Bence Venyercsán followed the 3-times Olympian Máté Helebrandt consecutively. 

In the final of the race Máté Helebrandt could push at the end and the finish was the same like one week before on the Hungarian Super League Final. 

Máté Helebrandt time was 19:37.07 which is a new season best for Máté. 

The second, third and fourth athlete all walked a personal best. (2nd, Bence Venyercsán in 19:46.82, 3rd Miklós Domonkos Srp in 20:26.41 and the U23 walker Norbert Tóth who missed the podium but could be satisfied with a new PB of 20:47.29).


Three weeks later, on 3rd of October the Hungarian 35km nationals will be held in Budapest.





Risultati ufficiali - Official results