15/09/2021   Caorle, Venice (ITA): On Saturday the gold finals of the Italian Club Championships



Over the next weekend also in Italy it is time for the championship titles for the National Track Championships for Clubs to be held in Carole, in the province of Venice.
The two walking events that will take place at the Giovanni Chiggiato stadium will be the last of the first day of competition and will start together at 19:10 with the men in first lane and the women in fourth lane.
This is now a habitual solution that allows you to fulfill regulatory obligations (men and women must compete separately), but at the same time also save about half an hour over the course of the day program.
The teams participating in the Gold Final are the following:
Men: Athletic Club 96 Alperia Bolzano, Enterprise Sport & Service, Atl. Biotekna, Student Rieti Milardi, Atl. Vicentina, Atl. Florence Marathon, Atl. Virtus Lucca, Cus Palermo, Pro Sesto Atletica, Atl. Brugnera Friulintagli, Atl. Future Rome, The Brotherhood 1874 Modena.
Women: Atl. Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco, Atl. Vicentina, Bracco Atletica, Cus Pro Patria Milan, Rieti Milardi student, Acsi Italia Atletica, The Brotherhood 1874 Modena, Pro Sesto Atletica, Atl. Arcs Cus Perugia, Us Quercia Trentingrana, Atl. Riviera del Brenta, Gs Valsugana Trentino
Unfortunately, among the men's teams there is not that of the new Olympic champion of the 20km walk, Massimo Stano (he will compete for the Atletica Aden Exprivia Molfetta) who will therefore be forced to the Silver Final.
10,000m track walk men
This is the distance over which men will compete.
The values ​​on the field tell us that there should be no doubts for the first three places which, in our opinion, will be reserved for Francesco Fortunato, Leonardo Dei Tos, and Andrea Cosi.
It seems to us that the victory cannot escape Francesco Fortunato, while for the other two positions it will be interesting to see the battle between the other two contenders.



5.000m track walk women
The women will compete on the half distance.
In this case, four will be fighting for the top three positions: Nicole Colombi, Lidia Barcella, Eleonora Dominici and Vittoria Giordani.
It will be interesting to see how Eleonora Dominici's return to the races will be after almost two years of stopping for a mononucleosis.
This season the athlete competed on 5.000m only on 9.5.2021 in Rome in a Regional Meeting in which he obtained the season best of 23:04.72, but his personal best is of 21:56.50 and dates back to 23.9.2017 when it was obtained on the Modena track (ITA).
The main opponents should be Nicole Colombi (personal best of 21:52.12 of 2020 and accredited of 22:45.19) and Lidia Barcella (personal best of 22:46.39 of 2020 and accredited of 22:46.89).
It will also be very interesting to observe the race of Vittoria Giordani, a young 21-year-old registered for the Quercia Rovereto Trentingrana who shows up with a personal best of 23:24.70, obtained in 2019 and an accreditation time of 23:24.01. The young athlete (2000) at the individual national championships in Rovereto last June 25 showed a good walk together with almost the same age Alexandrina Mihai (2003) and Martina Casiraghi (2002) who, however, already competed last Saturday in the U23.