18/09/2021   Caorle, Venice (ITA): The gold final of the Italian Club Championships




The most interesting event is that of the Gold Final which took place in Caorle in the province of Venice.
5.000m track walk women
There was no history.
Nicole Colombi snaps into the head after the starter fires and she is no longer reached.
Her split times are as follows:
- 1.000m: 4:21.9
- 2.000m: 8:46.7 (4:24.8)
- 3.000m: 13:11.2 (4:34.5)
- 4.000m: 17: 37.3 (4:26.1)
- last 1.000m in 4:23.5
Lidia Barcella and Eleonora Dominici struggle for second place for a few laps, but for the latter not having competed for short time is still a big handicap.
Victory then for Nicole Colombi (ITA) in 22:00.75
Second place to Lidia Barcella (ITA) in 22:45.37
Third place to Eleonora Dominici (ITA) in 23:23.52

10,000m track walk men
Some more interest comes from the men's race that sees Leonardo Dei Tos (ITA) in the lead for over 5,000m with about ten meters ahead of Francesco Fortunato (ITA).
The split times are as follows:
- 1.000m: 4:10.7
- 2.000m: 8:18.0 (4:07.3)
- 3.000m: 12:27.8 (4:09.8)
- 4.000m: 16:34.1 (4:06.3)
- 5.000m: 20:40.2 (4:06.1)
Shortly after halfway through the race Francesco Fortunato joins Leonardo Dei Tos who, however, maintains the leadership and the two travel by mutual agreement up to 4 laps from the end, when Francesco Fortunato makes a sense of speed change and takes about twenty meters off Leonardo Dei Tos.






The passages of the second half of the race are as follows:
- 6.000m: 24:51.1 (4:00.9)
- 7.000m: 28:53.3 (4:02.2)
- 8.000m: 33:02.1 (4:08.7)
- 9.000m: 37:00.5 (3:58.4) Francesco Fortunato leading
- last 1.000m in 4:02.12
Victory to Francesco Fortunato (ITA) in 41:03.07
Second place to Leonardo Dei Tos (ITA) in 41:08.89
Third place to Flavio Vona (ITA) in 44:28.21




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