19/09/2021   Montreuil (FRA) - 62nd Challenge Facoetti-Dahm




This morning the 62nd edition of the Challenge Facoetti was held in Montreuil (FRA). The Challenge born in 1959 to honor the memory of Angelo Facoetti who had been the inspirer of the Challenge.
In 1965 the Challenge Facoetti became an international competition and in that year it was organized on 50km, but later the distance was reduced to 24km.
The great promoter and developer of the Challenge was Jean Dahm (FRA), great race  walking judge of France, father of Jean Pierre Dahm, current international race walking judge.
Jean Dahm, who for us of Marcia dal Mondo, was also a great friend and mentor, passed away on 17 January 2016 at the great age of 92, but already in the 2015 edition of the Challenge Facoetti the name was changed to Challenge Facoetti-Dahm.
This year the 62nd edition starts on track, and winds on a mixed route starting in the stadium and then with 19 laps on a 1km circuit.


20km men
The best known names at the start are those of Nazar Kovalenko (URK), Michele Antonelli (ITA), Jakub Jelonek (POL), and Aurelien Quinon (FRA).
- at 5km: The leader of the race is Michele Antonelli (ITA) in 21:11.39 followed a short distance by Nazar Kovalenko (URK) who passes in 21:12.11.
Jakub Jelonek (POL) is in third position in 21:53.72 ahead of Aurelien Quinon (FRA) in 21:59:51
- at 10km: the couple Nazar Kovalenko (URK), Michele Antonelli (ITA) passes in 42:28.11. The advantage over Jakub Jelonek (POL) is 1:29 (43:56.59) and a few seconds later Aurelien Quinon (FRA) passes in 44 00.59
- at 15km: the couple Nazar Kovalenko (URK), Michele Antonelli (ITA) passes in 1: 03: 51.77 with the Italian in the lead. In third position is now Aurelien Quinon (FRA) in 1: 06: 46.88.
Jakub Jelonek (POL) was stopped by the jury for DQ shortly after the 11km.
- the last 5km: up to 18km the two leaders are still paired (16km: 1:08 07.77; 17km: 1:12:23.04; 18km: 1:16:36.90). On the penultimate lap Nazar Kovalenko completes a lap in 3:53.20 (compared to Antonelli's 4:11.32) and takes the lead. He will never be catched.
His last lap is 3:58:56 (compared to Antonelli's 4:08.18)
Victory to Nazar Kovalenko (URK) in 1:24:28
Second place to Michele Antonelli (ITA) in 1:24:56
Third place to Aurelien Quinon (FRA) in 1:29:41



20km women
Victory to Bethan Davies (GBR) in 1:38:56 (24:03 - 48:21 - 1:13:30)
Second place to Clemence Beretta (FRA) in 1:39:41 (25:14 - 50:03 - 1:14:59)
Third place in Heta Veikkola (FIN) in 1:40:45 (25:27 - 50:37 - 1:15:41)



The report of a friend of ours attending to the competition


The annual French race walking meeting, Challenge Facoetti was organized for 62th time last Sunday. This year's the meeting has been upgraded into international level and became part of EA Race Walking Permit Meeting. Lots of foreign athletes participated in the race which was a memorial of father of the head organizer Jean-Pierre Dahm.


The amazing organization was combined with almost perfect weather conditions (17 Celsius at the start and only some small wind). The huge number of the turns made the biggest difficulties for the athletes (7 turns each lap). The course was marked on a 1k-loop.


The walkers started on the track at 9:30am and after 1k they continued the course on a mixed road of asphalt and tartan. At the men's race Nazar Kovalenko (UKR) and Michele Antonelli (ITA) went into the front immediately and walked together for a long time. Nazar increased the speed on the last some km and finally won the race with 1:24:28. Michele finished behind him half minute later. Jakub Jelonek from Poland walked into the 3rd position but he had to go to the penalty zone after 8k. Some km later he was dq. The bronze went to the inland walker, Aurelien Quinion with 1:29:41.


At the women's race the Welsh champion, Bethan Davies (GBR) went to the leading position directly after the start. Clemence Beretta (FRA) who is coming back after her end-season break, didn't follow her and walked her own speed in the second position. Not far behind them, as third walked the young talented Finnish junior girl, Heta Veikkola who made her debut at this distance. The positions did not change until the end, it was the final result, too. New U20 national record for Heta.