24/09/2021   Xi'An (CHN) - Chinese Games (20km women and 20km men teams)



This morning (24/9) in Xi'An the women's individual 20 km race took place as planned and the men's competition per team.
20km women individual
The departure is given punctually at 8:00
Cool and rainy day.
The favorites are immediately in the lead: Yang Jiayu, Qieyang Shenjie, Yang Liujing and Liu Hong
- at 5km
The pace is quite fast: after the first 2km covered on an average of 4:33/km, it immediately drops to around 4:23km.
Obviously the desire to do well in these Chinese games and for some to redeem the not brilliant performances of Sapporo (where at 5km the time was 23:04) and the best weather conditions of the Olympic Games allow this fairly fast passage.
At a quarter of the race they are the four musketeers of China of which only Yang Liujing (bronze in Doha 2019) was not present in Sapporo.
Their split time is 22:18
Behind them by 30 seconds are the first chasers: Ma Li, Wang Na, Li Maocuo and Xi Ricuo.
- at 10km
The pace has increased. Shortly after the 6km Yang Jiayu increased her pace with two laps to 4:16/km and took off the others.
The situation is as follows: Yang Jiayu (43:45 with 5km seconds in 21:27). At 11 seconds the couple Qieyang Shenjie and Yang Liujing (43:53), while Liu Hong decides that today is not his day and now passes out of the game in 44:28 (with the seconds 5km in 21:27).
For information and comparison in Sapporo it was passed in 45:57
Behind them: Xi Ricuo, and Ma Li (45:13), Wang Na (45:22) and Li Maocuo (45:27)


- at 15km
Yang Jiayu leads alone. Her passage at three quarter of the race is 1:05:28 (with the third 5km in 21:43). In Sapporo she had passed in 1:08:29.
Behind her Yang Liujing (1:05:44) tries to take off Qieyang Shenjie (1:05:48) while Liu Hong passes in 1:07:24.
In the meantime, Ma Li broke off his adventure partner Xi Ricuo and moved into fifth position in 1:07:34 with a 22-second lead over Li Maocuo.
- last 5km
Yang Jiayu continues with impressive regularity. The last 5km of her are covered in 21:46.
At 17km Qieyang Shenjie who had suffered a lot between 13km and 16km remembers her potential and reaches Yang Liujing. They'll be together for another lap and then Qieyang Shenjie will be able to detach her opponent definitively and will go on to win second place.
This is the order of arrival:
  1. Yang Jiayu: 1:27:14
  2. Qieyang Shenjie: 1:27:31
  3. Yang Liujing: 1:27:47
  4. Liu Hong: 1:29:59
  5. Ma Li: 1:30:23
  6. Li Maocuo: 1:30:40
  7. Wang Na: 1:31:00
  8. Xi Ricuo: 1:31:08



Only for the statistics it is interesting to note how Yang Liujing and Ma Li completed two 20km in four days, the first of which both in 1:30:35.


20km men per team
The departure is given punctually at 10:00
Let's say right away that individually the race in terms of fighting was interesting up to 15km.
Of the nearly 50 starters, a large group of about twenty athletes was together up to almost 10km also because the U20 team race ended at 10km.
The first eight classified in the U20 are the following
First place to Li Juchao in 41:46
Second place to Han Baoqiang in 41:48
Third place in Qian Haifeng in 42:08
Fourth place went to Zhang Hongliang in 42:12
Fifth place to Zhou Yangiun in 42:13
Sixth place to Zhiu Xiaojun in 42:52
Seventh place in Tang Lixhuan in 42:57
Eighth place to Lu Xiaotong in 43:01
Immediately after 10km, Zhang Jun took the lead in the race, also in the second 20km in four days (he had won the first in 1:20:12) and set a pace of 3:55/km.
He became definitively the leader after 14km, he completed a series of laps with the following passes (4:00, 4:00, 4:00, 4:04, 4:05 and 3:58) to finish victorious in 1:20:33.
Second place to Lu Ning in 1:22:04
Third place to Niu Wenchao in 1:22:21
Fourth place to Li yandong in 1:22:23
Fifth place to Gao Yingchao in 1:22:43
Sixth place to Xu Hao in 1:22:49
Seventh place to Choi Toshihiro in 1:22:53
Eighth place to Zhang Yao in 1:23:10
Team standings
In the team competition Yunnan, despite the disqualification of Cai Zelin, manages to win with the following athletes and results:
- Zhang Jun: 1:20:33 - 1st overall
- Niu Wenchao: 1:22:21 - 3rd overall
- Cui Lihong: 1:22:53 - 7th overall
- Cai Zelin: DQ
- Li Xingfu: 40:29 - 7th U20
- Shao Caishun: 40:47 - 11th U20
- Li Yongxin: 41:05 - 15 ° U20
Second place to the Shandong team in 5:30:18
Third place for the Inner Mongolia team in 5:30:37






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