28/09/2021   Lu Xiuzhi (CHN) hangs up her shoes



The Chinese Games, the last important sporting stage in China, begins, as often happens after an Olympic season, the moment of farewells.
Someone predictable dictated by the age of the athlete and someone a little less, perhaps for more personal reasons.
With a post in “We Chat” the most popular social network (and much more) in the People's Republic of China announced it Lu Xiuzhi, one of the toughest opponents, together with Qieyang Shenjie, of Liu Hong.
Here are her words


Thirteen years of sports career are over.
Three Olympics (in Tokyo as a substitute), three National Games, three World Team Championships, three Individual World Championships and other large and small national competitions.
I thank the National Sports Bureau, the leaders of the China Athletics Association, I thank the leaders of the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau, the Tianyou Center for the help, support and encouragement they have given me!
Thanks to my first coach Zhang Fuxin, thanks to Sandro Damilano, thanks to Sun Chao, thanks for the trust placed in me !
Thanks to the doctors and team staff for their help and complete protection, thanks to my parents, fans, teammates, relatives and friends for their continued encouragement and help, which made me shine on the road to sport!
In the last year, I have unfortunately had heart problems. Occasionally, my heart has tremors, arrhythmias and shortness of breath. In the second half of the year, I had a hospital checkup almost once a week. The hospital has become my second home.
I don't think it's that serious, but enough with intermittent daily training.
The road to life is very long, I went through the first stage and I welcome the beauty of the next stages!
I wish you good health, safety and happiness ...
Lu Xiuzhi in the years between 2013 and 2016 was the only athlete capable of winning against the Rio Olympic champion on two occasions.
Memorable was that of 11 May 2013, even then in the edition of the Chinese Games held in Shenyang, when with a comeback that had the incredible Lu Xiuzhi managed to win over the most titled rival by less than 10cm. Both were credited 1:27:53.
The second victory was instead more evident and bears the date of March 20, 2015 when in Beijing at the selection for the 2015 World Championships Liu Xiiuzhi managed to detach the opponent by 2:27 ending in 1:25:12 which remains her personal best.
Five months later, on the same course, the result was reversed with Liu Hong winning the World Championships in a final in which the two athletes gave up fighting.

At the Olympic Games Liu Xiuxhi was less titled by obtaining a fourth place in 1:27:10 in those of London 2012 and a third place in those of Rio de Janeiro 2016.
At the end of a sports career, the sweetest of a marriage begins: Lu Xiuzhi will get married on November 6th.
The lucky one is also a walker. He is Wang Rui specialist in the 50km (PB 3:48:08) but with an excellent personal best also in the 20km (1:19:23).
The two met in Saluzzo (ITA) during the usual training stages in Italy with Sandro Damilano.
Wang Rui arrived in Saluzzo in the 2017 season, while Lu Xiuzhi arrived in 2018.
In advance of Marcia dal Mondo's wishes.