03/10/2021   Budapest (HUN): National 35km Championships of Hungary



The Hungarian 35km Race Walking Championships was held in Budapest, around the renovated Puskás Ferenc Stadium. It was also an open event for foreign athletes with some other walking event (20km, 10km, 5km). Athletes joined from Croatia and Slovakia.


The paving stone surface was not ideal for the walkers, also the circle caused some difficulties. The race started in 12 Celsius, it went up to 23 Celsius at the end. The condition was also windy in the second half of the race.



35km men


After the first lap, around 10 athletes had already a red card. 

Before 10km two athletes (plus one participating to 10km) got DQed already. 

Bence Barnabas Venyercsán (two-times Olympian) had strong leading position, his first place was not in danger. Miklós Domonkos Srp, the Rio 50k-Olympian walked in the second position after the disqualification of Dávid Tokodi and Tomasz Bagdány. 

Norbert Tóth, the talented U23 walker (year of birth 2001) was close to him but at the end the experiences of Miklós Domonkos Srp deserved the silver medal and Norbert Tóth finished on the third place of the podium.


Vicotry to Bence Venyercsán in 2:42:59 

Second place to Miklós Domonkos Srp in 2:57:28

Third place to Norbert Toth in 3:08:05 at his first experience in 35km






35km women


The womens walked in a group with some boys at the beginning. 

Rita Récsei (Rio-Olympian) walked determined, Anett Torma was in the second position who slowed down after getting 2 warnings. 

After 17k, Anett went to the penalty box and finally after 28km was disqualified. 


Rita Recsei also needed to go into the penalty box later. She was struggling with injuries but finished the race and got the national title in 3:19:07.


The results of other events in the section results.





Risultati ufficiali - Official results