04/10/2021   Tilburg (NED): Dutch 50km Championships and 35km Mauritius Championships




In a Tilburg in the rain the Dutch Championships of the 50km walk took place on Sunday 3 October which, as usual, take place together with those of Belgium and, in any case, are also open to foreign athletes.
This year the organizers have combined the 50km (which will probably be one of the last tests this season, and unfortunately also in the future) with a male 35km valid for obtaining the entry standard for the Eugene World Championships in 2022.
This last race was also valid as the National Championship of Mauritius.
Participation was of a decent level only in the 35km, while the 50km reserved very little.
50km men
Victory for Paul Jansen (NED) in 4:59:63
These are his passages:
- 10km: 56:42
- 20km: 1:53:00 (56:18)
- 30km: 2:50:04 (57:04)
- 40km: 3:51:37 (1:01:33)
- last 10km in 1:08:18
Second place to Christer Svennsson (SWE) in 5:01:21
Third place went to Wilfried van Bremenn (NED) in 5:04:24
35km men
Some major interest reserved the shorter race.
At 5km, Karl Junghanss (GER) was leading in 21:58 followed by Dominic King (GRB) in 22:23.
At 10km and 15km the situation had not changed with Junghanss always leading the race (44:04 and 1:06:36) while Dominic King followed him (45:13 and 1:08:05). Behind them the young Frenchman David Kuster who, however, showed some technical problems.
At 20km, the three pass in this order: Karl Junghanss (1:30:27), Dominic King (1:31:55) and David Kuster (1:37:31).
David Kuster's technical situation worsens but Dominic King also begins to present some problems.
At 25km: Karl Junghanss (1:54:51), Dominic King (1:59:31) and David Kuster (2:00:26) who will be disqualified shortly after.
Junghanss stops at 25km, we think for a planned choice and so go ahead for the victory to Dominic King who tries to control his technical gesture, succeeding.
Victory to Dominic King (GBR) in 2:50:06
Second place to twin Daniel King (GBR) in 3:00:00
Third place to Jerome Caprice (MRI) in 3:00:18
20km women
Victory to Katrin Schusters (GER) in 1:52:28
Second place to Lisbet De Smet (BEL) in 2:08:58