14/10/2021   Vasylyna Vitovshchyk (UKR): banned for 4 years from 2.8.2018 until 1.8.2022




In its most recent update on doping cases (29 September 2021), the Athletics Integrity Unit of World Athletics reports the conclusion of the case launched against the walker Vasylyna Vitovshchyk (UKR) and which we had already reported on 16 January 2019.
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According to information from the Anti-Doping Agency of Ukraine, Vasylyna Vitovshchyk who had finished fifth in the 50km of the European Athletics Championships in Berlin in 2018, she had been provisionally suspended for doping control from 24 December 2018 and until the conclusion of the trial that has now taken place. concluded with a four-year suspension of the athlete, from 2 August 2018 to 1 August 2022.
All the results obtained since 2 August 2018 have consequently been canceled.
In practice it is the cancellation of the 5th place in the 50km of the European Championships in Berlin 2018 (4:23:15) and the victory at the National Championships of Ukraine on 21.10.2018 on 20km (1:34:28) which was also the personal best of the athlete.
As a result, we have updated the relevant PDF files that are available in the History section -> then choosing from the drop-down menu “European Champioships (ECH)” -> and finally choosing the Berlin edition.
The PDF files relating to "All podium of European Championships Women" and "Italy History of European Championships Women" have also been updated, again following confirmation of the disqualification.
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