17/10/2021   Banska Bystrica (SVK): 35km national championships




Banska Bistrica hosted the first national championship of Slovakia on the 35km distance on Sunday 17 October.
Olympian Miroslav Úradník (SVK) won the title with a  performance of 2:37:32
This result represents the fourth ever performance in Slovakia over the 35km distance behind those of Matej Tóth (2:30:34 in 2015), Pavel Szikora (2:33:55 in 1987), Štefan Malík (2:34:08 in 1994) and Petr Tichý (2:35:37 in 1994).
35km men
The 35 km race will be the new discipline in the top championship competitive program, which replaced the previous 50km.
The standard entries set by Wolrd Athletics for next year at the Eugene World Championships are 2:33:00 while those for the European Championships in Paris are 2:35:30.
25-year-old Miroslav Úradník was leading the race from the start, setting his pace very well and gradually accelerating.
In fact, the completed 5km for him were the fastest (21:50).
Previously he had passed with these insplit times each 5km:
- at 5 km: 22:52
- at 10 km: 45:33 (22:41)
- at 15 km: 1:08:14 (22:41)
- ai, 20 km: 1:30: 49 (22:35)
- at 25 km: 1:53:11 (22:22)
- at 30 km: 2:15:42 (22:31).
His words in the post-race:
"I tried to focus on technical movement, correct breathing and maintaining the pace 4:30 - 4:35 per kilometer. I did not particularly prepare for the race, I was in training in Štrbské Pleso until Friday and I I've only been relaxed a bit since Wednesday. I didn't have any crises during the race, I chose my pace and only in the last five kilometers I pushed a little. I was spurred on by Maej Tóth and I accelerated to 4:14 min/km.
I admit that I didn't expect such a performance, so I'm extremely satisfied. However, I feel I still have reserves - at least until the 2:35:30 limit at the European Championships. I want to dedicate myself to both disciplines both in the 35km and the 20km "
Second place to Vit Hlavac (SVK) in 2:45:25.
Third place to Dominik Černý (SVK) in 2:51:41.


35km women
Tereza Ďurdiaková (CZE) won the race with an excellent performance of 2:51:50
Second place to Viktória Madarász (HUN) in 2:52:21.
Hana Burzalová of Spartak from Dubnica (3:08:43) won the first title of the 35km champion of the Slovak Republic in the women's competition.
Second place to Emma Hačundová (3:18:58).

(Photos by Martin Pupis - SVK)