18/10/2021   Laval (FRA): The national championships of France on 20km and 35km




On Sunday 17 October, France also hosted its walking championships on both 20km and 35km.
The competitions were held in Laval (FRA) with a very interesting numerical participation.
It was also an opportunity to see one of the last, if not the last, on the 50km.
35km men
Undisputed victory by Aurelien Quinion (FRA) in 2:34:29. A time very close to the entry standard for the Eugene World Championships in 2022, set at 2:33:00. It's probably just a postponement for the Ile-de-France walker, who has proven he has the potential to shine over long distances.
Second place to Florian Mayer (FRA) in 2:49:18
Third place na Remi Rodriguez (FRA) in 2:50:32
35km women
Three athletes at the start who competed, for small numbers, together with the men
Victory to Lucie Champalou (FRA) in 30:30:36
Second place to Sonia Demon (FRA) in 3:34:13
Third place to Anett Torma (HUN) in 3:35:53 who takes revenge on the home disqualification obtained on October 3rd in Budapest (HUN).
20km men
Gabriel Bordier (FRA) was the favorite for the win but had to fight to the end to keep the title of French Champion.
In the lead from the beginning, Gabriel Bordier was forced to slow down considerably in order not to risk aggravating the knee tendonitis that was back to be felt this Sunday after disturbing him for most of his preparation.
So his time was not that of the best days (he has a personal best of 1:20:10 obtained in Podebrady on May 16th) and he finished the race in 1:29:16.
However, he managed in his effort to maintain a sufficient advantage over Matteo Duc (FRA) who drops to his first 20km under 1:30:00 finishing just 8 seconds behind the winner in 1:29:24. A beautiful fight.
Third place in U23 Martin Madeline-Degy (FRA) in 1:30:05
20km women
But it was, as expected on the eve, the women's 20km the "cover race" that had an incredible existence to say the least.
Up to one kilometer from the finish, Clemence Beretta (FRA) looked calm enough to secure a big win. But the international jury judged her athletic gesture not in compliance with the rules and sentenced her to a two-minute penalty at 19km.
She then served her penalty in the dedicated area, located one hundred meters from the finish.
She came out just as Eloise Terrec (FRA) was on her way and, incredible scenery, her athletes battled shoulder to shoulder in an incredible sprint.
The two young athletes, separated by a year apart (Beretta born in 1997, Terrec 1998) were like “hand in hand” until the finish line, when the most titled Clémence Beretta obtained the victory in 1:38:09.
A second later Eloise Terrec arrived (1:38:10)
Third place to Marine Rottier (FRA) in 1:45:34